Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


12. Chapter 12

Ashton's POV

I'm so scared right now. Who knows what Luke's dad has done. There's 2 options. He's told Luke about me and Michael or he hasn't. That's pretty basic but chances are he has. I just hope he hasn't hurt Luke.

I ran from Michaels for 5mins until I finally arrived on the street of Luke's house. Do I run straight up or slowly walk? Once I get to the driveway I decide to slowly walk, well until I see Luke on the ground. I run to him, kneel to the ground and press my lips onto his. It was just a natural instinct. I heard the door knob twist so I turned to look at the door, it didn't move. I looked back to Luke. His eyes fluttered open revealing the baby blue colour i loved.

"Luke oh my god are you all right?" I asked him as he sat up. He looked at me for a second. Did his dad tell him about me and Michael?

"What the hell just happened? I just remember dad talking to me about rehab and- oh shit that's right he'd just gone to yours. Are you alright?"

I scrunched my nose and brushed my fingers through my hair. "I guess he didn't tell you..." I say looking down at my lap.

His dad came out. "Luke I did tell you. You must've forgotten when you passed out." He told him.

Luke looked from his dad to me with a puzzled expression.

"Curly fry here was swapping spit with the colourful haired boy" his dad announced. Luke looked at me with a face that was pleading me to say it wasn't true. I simply nodded with a regretful expression. I saw Luke's face break and I felt I heard his heart smash into a thousand pieces. Tears formed in his eyes and I wanted to grab him and kiss him and tell him if protect him from whoever hurt him. But, his pain was caused by me. He ran through the door into his house.

I looked at his dad with a 'what do I do?' Face. "I suggest you give him some time and don't think about coming back till colourful haired boy is out of the picture." His dad stated.

He was right, I have to decide what I'm going to do. I walked down the stairs and headed home.

Lacey's POV (Luke's sister incase you forgot)

*back to when luke runs inside slamming the door*

I hear the door slam and Luke runs past me in the kitchen with tears in his eyes. It's confusing because I know it's not because of dad. Dads going to rehab and our family will be okay again. I haven't been the best sister either but I have changed for the best of my family.

I walk upstairs into Luke's room to ask what's up, he isn't in there. He's not in the normal bathroom either. Or the toilet next to the bathroom. I walk into dads room and hear him crying in dads bathroom. When I go to open the door I realise it's locked. I get down on the floor and peep into the small gap under the door. I can see Luke sitting against the shower with a blade. He wouldn't, would he? I've never really spoken to him about cutting before. I know by experience how bad it can get. "LUKE OPEN THIS DOOR AND TALK TO ME" I yell as I stand up and bang. He shuffles but the door doesn't unlock. So I grab a hanger and shove it into the lock twisting until it clicks. I tried to open it but he had shuffled infront of the door. Usually I'd give up but not when he's still crying his eyes out. I push and push until I feel him give up.

Luke's POV

Lacey walks in and I immediately face the opposite direction. I was too weak to hold her back. "Luke what happened?" She asks and I hear her pick up the blade that was sitting on the ground. "Luke. How did you find this?" She asked me. "Answer my questions Luke" she sternly said. Still not facing her I whispered. "Lacey its fine. I'm fine"

"Luke you said that with tears. How am I supposed to believe that." She stated. I kept silent. I turned only my head to face her but my back was still faced away. She put out her arm. She had a lot of scars but they looked old. "You didn't do this did you Luke." She asked almost getting teary. I looked away and into my lap where my now blood stained wrists sat and continued to seep. "Luke you cannot do that. No matter how hard things are, that will never solve it, now tell me you didn't do it" she said.


She pull my shoulder flipping me to face her. She saw my arms and started to cry. "Luke I'm sorry I was never there for you. I promise this won't happen again. I won't let you do this again."

Why has it taken this long for my family to start to care.

"Luke is it true that, your dating a- well guy?" She stuttered out. I thought of Ash but was immediately flushed with sights of him with Michael. I started to cry again. "You don't know how hard it is" I told her. "Luke, I may be straight, but that doesn't mean I don't know how hard it is" she whispered. "No Lacey, I mean you don't know how hard it is to find out something about yourself and finally feel like you know who you are and then it be taken away from you." I cried.

"This is that boy that came here one day." She asked. I nodded. "Well I know his sister, she's my age" She stated. "He doesn't have a sister" I said confused. "Yes he does? She lives with her dad though and Ashtons brother. Do you know Calum hood in your grade?" She acted as if I was meant to know this.

Well this explains everything. Calum set Ashton up to become my friend only so that he would get me to come out and break my heart and give Calum the pleasure of making me miserable. I bet Michael and Ashton have been dating this whole time.

Well he'll never see me miserable, he'll never see my face again. Neither will anyone else.

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