Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


11. Chapter 11

Ashton's POV

So 5 minutes of ignoring the world means I missed Luke's texts. In particular the text that read

L: ASHTON you have to leave michaels right now or you'll get hurt!

Well I only read that after I was laying on the ground bruised.

*skip back a few minutes*

My worst nightmare.

Well this could go any way?

Your possible boyfriends dad shows up to beat you up but then sees you cheating with another guy. Fuck.

"Which of you twats is ASHTON?" He yells. How'd he get in here? MICHAEL points to me. I look at him with a face that says "screw you"

Luke's dad stares at me. I have no clue what he's thinking. "Listen Robert-" "YOU SHALL CALL ME MR HEMMINGS" hey yells. "Mr Robert Hemmings, I can explain, actually I can't."

He punches me right in the chest. "You know what? My son might be gay, he might be useless, he might be ridiculous but NO child of mine gets cheated on."

I don't know what to do. He leaves and I hear him calmly say goodbye to mrs. Clifford. Well I'm screwed. I leave michaels and text LUKE.

A: ugh LUKE??

L: OMG are you okay you didn't reply.

A: yeah um call me.

I answer.

A: where are you?

L: sitting on the front porch

A: well I-

L: my dads coming. I gotta go.

A: no LUKE wait-

The line goes dead.

Luke's POV.

My dad is walking up the driveway. He is looking at me and starts to walk up the steps. I stand up preparing for whatever. He walks close and I flinch. He hugs me. "Luke I realised today that I need help. That's why on my way home I made the decision to go into rehab. I know I have serious issues and I snap and have caused you more pain then ever forgivable. But no pain matches finding out your lover is cheating. Luke that is what's happening with this guy of yours. He was on top of a colourful haired boy. I have to go and pack clothes and I hope once I get out/if I do. That we can start a new. "

None of that made sense, i pass out onto the wooden porch. I don't know why, to much information?

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