Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


10. Chapter 10

Luke's POV

I didn't see Ashton for the whole first classes. He came to school with me then disappeared. At lunch I go to the usual table and wait. He probably went home sick. Looking at the cafeteria entrance I see calum walk in. Great. Behind him walks michael, and Ashton?

He goes and sits down with them. I text him.

L: hey ash? Where are you? Xx

A: um I went home sick.

L: I see you with Calum?

A: um yeah. I have to go, i guess I will um. Talk later?

L: okay...

That is really weird. Why is he with them? He promised he'd always be there for me? Maybe Ashton is being forced to stay there? I don't know. I'm just confused.

Ashton's POV

"Who you texting?" Michael asks as I put my phone away in my pocket. He grabs it and holds it secretly under the table. "Just Luke" I say with a blank expression. Calum looks unimpressed. "Are you really dating Luke?" He asks me. "Well um no? I guess." I stutter out. Michael smiles at me. Calum looks over at him. That's when I notice him sitting alone. I realised immediately I'm making a mistake. I can't just leave Luke. "Guys I can't leave Luke. He is my bestfriend"

"Ashton you can't Just leave me I'm your brother." Calum stated. Good point. I guess Luke can manage alone for just one day.


At 3 o'clock I'm standing with Calum. Michael greets us. "Hey ash you should stay over" he asks me with a smile. "Oh sure" I smile back as he leads me to his car.

Luke's POV

It's 3 o'clock and usually Ashton would wait by the pole for me but instead, Calum's standing there. I ask as nicely as possible "hey um, where's Ashton?" Assuming he'd know since they hung out. Calum smirks. "Sleeping over at his boyfriends." Calum replies. He's just messing with me. "Calum I'm serious where's Ashton?" I say abit more assertive then I should've. "Listen fat fuck, don't believe me? Well look here." He says showing me his phone.

C: Michael where are you

M: you idiot we were just with you

C: I know but where'd ashton go?

M: you already know Ashtons sleeping over...

Ashton really is with Michael. But not as a boyfriend. I think. "So once again your a lonely little nobody." He laughs pushing me into the garden. A thorn from a bush impales my arm and it hurts. As I get out I see calum laughing. My shirt rips and my hair has leaves in it. I should've seen that coming. Calum walks away and hops on the bus. I have nowhere to go but back home. I thought I'd never have to face my dad again. Turns out I was wrong. Oh and what better way to walk home then in the pouring rain.


Michaels POV

Me and Ashton just finished an intense gaming session. He pouts as I beat him again. "Video games just aren't my thing" he whines. "That or you just suck." I tease and he playfully punches me. I pin him down. "Your not stronger then me" i say as he tries to escape my grip. "You can't move can you" I laugh as he struggles. "Nope" he says popping the P as he gives up. "Good" I whisper as I kiss him. When I release my grip he doesn't move away but instead grabs my waist and deepens the kiss. I miss this and I miss him. I'm so glad to have him back. Luke freaking Hemmings has nothing on me.

Luke's POV


I arrive back to the dreaded hell. Wet, dirty and cold. Blood poured from the thorn wound creating more mess along my arm. How do I do this? Walk in like everything's normal? Knock on the door? I have no clue. In movies where people run away they don't usually end up having to go back home. I decide to walk in. I open the door and walk straight past the occupied television to my room. But I'm spotted by dad coming down the stairs. He stares at me in disgust. "LUCAS!" He yells as he makes his way towards me. "You have 5 seconds to tell me where you've been or I will beat the shit out of you" he angrily exclaims. I step back and speak. I better tell him the truth to save getting in even more trouble. "At a friends." I shyly reply. "You mean the little faggot that Came to the door." I hear my sister add. "Yes if that's any of your business" I scoff. Dad slaps me across the face. "You are never leaving this house again except for school. This boy will never be coming again. Who does he think he is running away with my son!" My dad yelled. "Tell me his name, I'm going to go teach him a lesson" he states as he shoves me out the way. "No dad I love him!I mean-" "WHAT!" He screams. "I meant I- uh- I" I stutter out. My father doesn't even speak. He just comes over to me and punches my stomach. I fall to the ground in pain as I barely breath. "Lucas Robert HEMMINGS. Tell me now that you are not gay... And if you lie I will kill you." He whispers with the most threatening tone I have ever heard. "I'm not. I meant as a friend" I say through short breaths. He grabs the phone from my pocket and unlocks it without flinching. He scrolls through the messages between me and Ashton as he makes sure I can see the screen too. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!" He yells as I mentally read the text.

A: math is so boring without you xx

L: yeah :( same here with English. I miss you

A: If you slept over I'd cuddle you <3

If I lied to him he'd kill me. Is he going to kill me?



I wake up on the ground. Not remembering what happened. I go to move but I can't. It hurts so much. Lacey walks in and sees me awake with pleading eyes. She has new bruises. "See these you little fucker. Dad did this because he blamed me for raising you wrong. You did this to me you faggot. Get out if this house." She yells as she begins to cry. How could she blame me for this. This is dads drinking, his drugs and it is not my fault. She kicks me outside and chucks my phone too. I hear it thud and I pick it up noticing it's now cracked. I immediately text Ashton forgetting he is with Michael.

Ashton's POV

Me and Michael were in the bedroom and I was just about to take his shirt off when I got a message from Luke.

L: Ashton I need you. Please.

Michael rolls over and clicks the off button. "Ignore that" he smiles. I do as I'm told. We began to make out. 5 minutes later the unexpected happened... My worst nightmare.

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