Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)

I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay?

I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find out you're gay. That's why I haven't told anyone.

"No one will ever no about this"
"A secret behind closed doors"


1. Chapter 1


I was at the library talking to a boy I'd seen around before. He had hazel eyes and curly hair. He was wearing a muscle tank and a fedora. Gosh, who wears hats in a library?

An awkward silence blossoms until I raise a question. "So. What are you reading?" I ask. "Garden Of Dead Flowers, by Harold Grinch" he says. (NOT A REAL BOOK) "I haven't read it." I say trying to create conversation. "I have 2 chapters left, you should read it after me, well that's if you like these kinds of books" he says looking down at the page. I was about to ask him what he means but the bell went. The library had this stupid policy where you're not allowed to leave without borrowing a book so I grab one of the shelf quickly scanning it and walking beside ashton. "What's your name?" He asks me. "Luke." I say. "Luke, Nice, I'm Ashton" he says with a cheery smile. "I know" I say blushing. We walk out of the library and I'm spotted by Calum. He walks over with his friend Michael. "Oh looks like your taking my advice fat fuck" he says. I notice the books title "diets for dummies" (wow they literally have a for dummies books for everything.) "Going on a diet will help you, but I reckon killing yourself works too" he said and walked away. I looked at the book. Maybe I should go on a diet. I chucked it across the hall. "Luke, don't listen to him." Ashton looked at me. I just walked away leaving Ashton behind. I was a bit late to my form class and Mr. Cashin was NOT happy. Michael, Calum's friend was in class and I caught him staring as I walked in. I thought he might've been checking me out until he snapped out of it and tripped me as I headed to an empty seat at the back of my class. I sat uncomfortably throughout the short class before making my way to first period. Lucky it was media where we sat in the library on the computers and created stuff.

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