The radio interview

What happens when one radio interview changes your life forever?


4. The Radio Interview Part 2

N: nick Grimshaw

D: me

Ni: Niall

L: Luke 

I turn my head to see two emerald blue eyes staring at me

Ni+L: Hi

D: H-Hi I'm Diana 

N: Hi I'm Niall, that's a pretty name you have there Diana

D: Thank you 

L: Yea it is.... um Hi I'm Luke 

He seem a tad shy weird 

N: so Diana how are you feeling right now?

D: To be honest Nick I am completely shock in a good way, could you have image what it would be like if I didn't pick them 

We all gave each other a look and just started laughing 

* Later in the interview * 

later on in the interview I could see Niall was staring at something I just didn't know what. Sense Nick is talking to Luke right now I might as well ask. " Hey Niall, what are you looking at? " I ask in a whisper tone. The next words that came out of his mouth completely shocked me. " Your Wrist " I look down and crap! I forgot to pull down my sleeve so nobody would see it. I looked up at Niall and see that he just wants to know why. I just gave him the look ' I will explain later ' and he just nods 

N: Diana?

D: Yes sorry

N: Are you okay you look lost

D: Haha what no, I'm just taking this all in because you know it's my first interview and all

N: Okay, well we are almost out of time how about you play us out 

D: Okay sure, This song is umm ( I look at Luke and and look back ) Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer. Get better Dave I need my guitar man back 

* skip song * 

After a few claps I hear a faint whisper from Luke 

L: That was really good 

D: This next song is Little things by One Direction ( I said looking at Niall than back to the camera ) 

* skip song * 

Ni: your good 

N: Well folks that's all the time we have today on BBC Radio 1 come join us tomorrow where Sam Smith and Cher LLoyd

As it all ended and we said are goodbyes. I got a text saying that I am suppose to go back with One direction and 5SOS. Right when the door close to the car we were in, Niall just looks me dead in the eye and said " Why? " 


* Author Note * 


Hey guys, hope you are liking it so far :) 

Comment what you think. It would have been better but I had to rewrite the whole thing 

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