The radio interview

What happens when one radio interview changes your life forever?


3. The Radio Interview part 1

Diana's prov 


" Okay Diana so this is how the interview is going to go, I heard that you have 4 songs prepare so we are going to do the first two interview than last two with maybe fan questions at the end okay? " he said with a smile

" Okay let's do it " I said smiling back. AHH I'm so excited. 

" Hello and welcome to BBC Radio 1 I am Nick Grimshaw here today with the one and only Diana Stafford! " he said into the microphone. 

" Hi " I said barely containing the excitement 

" So Diana you have some songs prepare for us I see " as he looks around for my guitar man 

" Yes I do Nick, sadly my guitar man Dave is sick today so I will be playing instead, Hope you get well soon Dave! " I said while tuning the guitar. 

" This first song is called Thinking out loud by one of my best friends Ed Sheeran hope you enjoy " I said looking into the camera I was directed to look at. 

* skip the singing part * 

When I finished there where claps in the room. " Next song is Blank Space by my other best friend Taylor swift enjoy " 

* skip singing * 

When those claps where done we got straight into the interview part. 

N- Nick Grimshaw

M- Me

* radio interview *

N: Well now we know why you became overnight famous that was really good!

M: aww thanks Nick 

N: So Diana tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became overnight famous 

M: Okay, I am 16 years old I was born in Sydney Australia but I moved to London England When I was about 10 years old. When I first got here I had no friends so I just started to make random YouTube videos. One day I got a comment saying do a cover of Ed Sheeran song thinking out loud. I didn't know what to do so I just did it and that's how I became overnight famous I guess

N: wow what an awesome story. So Diana who do you look up to the most

D: I defiantly look up to my two best friends Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, but I think 5 Seconds of Summer and ONe Direction 

N: Speaking of 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction who are you favorites from the band?

D: That's really hard to answer Nick.. Umm there all my favorites 

N: Come on, what if I said you had to pick one from each 

D: Well than I would have to pick. Hmm I think I would go with Luke from 5sos because he is the youngest and probably Niall from One Direction because in the night changes music video I like his date the best. 

N: Those are very interesting answer Diana

Right as he was saying that two boys walk in..


* Author Note * 


Oooo cliff hanger. Who walked in?

I will update tomorrow probably 

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