The radio interview

What happens when one radio interview changes your life forever?


2. meeting Nick Grimshaw

Diana's prov

Today is the big day when I go to BBC Radio 1. I can't believe this is still happening, how can one simple cover get so many views over night! Oh Hi by the way I am Diana I like to post random things to YouTube. One day I did a cover of my best friend song Thinking out loud. Than boom over night it was the most talked about thing ever! My mom told me I had to eat before I go but I just couldn't so now I am sitting in the car waiting for my mom to hurry up." Mom hurry up we have to go I don't want to be late " I yell from the car. " I am coming just hold on " my mom said. After about a 30min car ride we are finally there. I walked out of the car to the sounds of girls screaming, but than it died down a bit ( probably because they don't know me ). As I'm walking to the door I can see some of the poster they made. They had things made for 5sos and one direction. I looked to my mom and said " mom do you think there here? " and as my mom always says crushing my hopes " I highly doubt that honey " I look at her for a sec and than just excepted the fact that she is probably right. 

As we are walking into the booth I see Nick Grimshaw, I was so excited to meet him because he interview 5sos. " Hello you must be Diana I am Nick Grimshaw but please call me Nick " he said sticking out his hand for a handshake. " Hi I am Diana nice to meet you Nick " as I stuck my hand out giving him the handshake. " Well let's get started we have 1 hour ( I know interviews are not that long but just go with it ) with you so let's get started " he said with a smile. " okay " I said with a smile but on the inside I was freaking out!


Author Note * 

I don't know if this is long or short so please comment.

Thank you :)

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