Best friends


3. the morning

You woke up the next morning with a note on you saying "morning darling I came home last night and you was fast asleep I see you have been talking to the boys again I've got work but a full day off tomorrow so we can have a mother daughter day them love you signed mum xx"

Just then you head a loud knock at the door as you shouted "hang on I'll be there now" as you had to rush and clean stuff up there was melted icecream, cups and crisp packets everywhere you cleaned up and ran to the door you open it and cry "suprize!!!!!" 4 guys scream "what wh wha are you doing here" you scream with happiness as they walk in they always treated your house like there own so they usually just walked in and did what ever

"Well we lied about London to surprise you our family's knew we were coming back today but we told them not to tell you" ashton says as he laughs

"Dude that's not funny" you say as you hug them all" you was still in your underwear and your band t-shirt but the boys were use to seeing you like that

"We are sorry but it was funny and your happy and surprised so everyone's happy" Michael says as he hugs you

You all go and sit down to play FIFA as Michael shout "pizza I'm so hungry I need pizza" as he grabs the phone to order pizza you just looked at him and laughed you was so happy that they were home just then there was another knock at the door "pizza" a voice said as Michael ran to the door "thanks" he says as he goes back to sit down

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