Best friends


4. the catch up

So Y/N what have you been up to while we were away" cal asked

"Nothing really same old stuff Netflix and junk food" you say as you laugh at how sad you sound compared to them cal just laughed "nothing's changed just the way I like it" he says

"Yep I know I don't do much anyway do you guys have any big plans for tommorow" you say as you put your controller down to eat some pizza

"Nope we wanted to just hang out with you and I need to beat you in an icecream compatition" Luke says as he eats pizza "okay oh no tommorow I'm supposed to be having a day with my mum because it's here day off" you say as you looks down and upset again "it's okay we are here for two weeks it's fine" ash says after all the catching up and the emotional chats you all fall asleep on each other on the sofa your squished I'm the middle with ash and cal leaning on you from the one side and Luke and Michael leaning on you the other side but you was all fast asleep so you didn't care

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