Best friends


1. missing them

You were best friends with 4 guys who was in a band called 5 seconds of summer you had been friends with them just before they became such big stars you wasn't interested in the fame because you had known them for a long time and you lived next door to Michael so you had known him for a long time you really missed them going on tour because they were your only friends you never really went out

They'd always come and visit you when they were home and having a brake and they'd always tell you how much they missed you they missed their family's too but you was their true bestfriend you alway FaceTime them and text them when they was on tour when ever you felt down or missed them and they'd always make you laugh by being idiots and you'd laugh at hearing Michael in the back ground telling Luke to shit up as ashton acted like main camera man as cal just sat there yelling hi to you and trying to take the camera off ashton

It was a Friday night you really missed the boys so you got took of your pants and just stayed in your underwear wearing an oversized band t-shirt like you always did you then sat down with ice cream to watch Netflix your mum always worked late so you only really got to see her on Sundays or early in the mornings so you was use to having the house to yourself

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