Best friends


8. Luke's kiss

"So how are we going to do this" you ask

"Well you can score us 1-10 and who ever gets the highest wins" Michael says as they guys just nob and say yeah

"Okay so who wants to go first" you say as the guys just look at each other "me" Luke says as he walks forward to you "we have to do it here" you say as you look awkwardly at them "yeah why" Luke says "its weird making out with someone and all their friends watching" you say they all look at each other "she's got a point" sad ash as he pushes you both in to the closet and goes to watch TV with Michael and cal

You and Luke are both squished in a closet together and there is very little light you could barely see each other "okay look lu-" you was cut off as Luke just straight away grabbed you and started to kiss you his hand wear around your waist as you didn't know what to do with your because you didn't want to make things awkward but you just put them around his back Luke depend the kiss as you were now both full on making out you found it weird because of his lip ring you had no idea what to do after that awkward kiss Luke then high fives you "thanks Y/N you just laughed as Luke got out the closet as you wrote down his score on your hand

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