Best friends


6. hot coco

You woke up next morning with an empty cup of coco and wanted more you then checker your phone and realised you didn't text the boys saying you could hang out today so you quickly text them as you sat up you then headed down stairs to make more hot coco "hey mum thanks for the coco last night I needed it" you say as you walk to the kitchen "it's okay do you want any breakfast" your mum asked "no thanks I'll just make another hot coco thanks" you say as you get another cup

You was still waiting for the guys to text back so you kept checking your phone there was no replie but Maby they were still in bed they have been touring "okay well I'm off to mrs Hemmings today" your mum said as your eyes widened "why are you going there" you asked in shock not knowing your mum was friends with Luke's mum "because she invited me round and I'm her friend" your mum said laughing "but I've never seen you go before" you say "because I'm always working and my days off I spend with you but I have 1 week off so I'm seeing her" your mum says as she continues to laugh "Urm okay then if you see Luke can you tell him I'm free to hang out today" you say as your mum walks out the door saying she will tell him

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