Best friends


5. go home

Your mum then walks in and just looks at you all fast asleep and smiles but she knows that the guys also have to go home to their family's so she slams the door to wake you all up Michael and Luke fall off the sofa as cal and ash stand up straight away you just jump

Luke and Michael stand up laughing as they see your mum "come on boys you have to go home and see your family's not just Y/N" she laughs your mum knows how long you have been friends with them for so she knows that nothing happens and she trusts them so she's fine with them staying over but she knows they have only just got back from London so she sends them home

"Okay see you soon Y/N" they all says walking out the house stretching as they have just woken up

"Hey mum sorry about the mess" you say as

You clean it all up "don't worry it's fine so did you have a nice catch up with the boys" she laughs "yeah I missed them so much it was just so nice to see them and have them in the same room as me" you say as you can't stop smiling "that's nice did you tell them your busy tommorow" your asks "yeah I did I told them it was your day off so I was going to be with you" you say as you head to bed "well I have the whole next week off so you can see them tommorow if you want and just see me a few days in the week" your mum says as she goes to give you a hot coco "okay thanks mum and I'll text them now thanks" you say with a big smile on your face

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