Best friends


2. FaceTime

That night you got a text off Michael saying "FaceTime ?"

You replied "yes!!!!!!"

You missed them so much you just couldn't help but get really exited when you got to see their faces so you waited for them to FaceTime you

A FaceTime request came up you pressed answer

Michael was their "hey how are you Y/N we really miss you but we just had a pizza fight so it's all good" Michael laughed

"I miss you guys so much so I'm eating like 1 tub of icecream a day" you laughed "hey Luke you've got competition" Michael said as Luke walked into the room with a bowl of ice cream "what ahh fuck Y/N why do you have to ruin it" Luke laughed and went to get more icecream

"So what are you guys doing then where are you" you asked as you just couldn't help but laugh at Luke trying to compete with you at eating icecream

"We are in London today but we have to stay here for 2 weeks" Michael said just then your face went from a big smile to no smile you couldn't wait another 2weeks to see them but you didn't want them to feel bad so you just nodded the call went on for quit some time until you fell asleep while on FaceTime still but they always knew you fell asleep because you kept apologizing the mornings after so they always ended the call

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