Best friends


7. best kisser

It's the afternoon and still no text back from the guys so you go get changed and put on your black shorts and your green day shirt and go back downstairs as you go to the kitchen to get your hot coco just then you hear arguing as the front door opens it's the guys you just stand there wondering what the heck if going on

"Guys what's going on" you yell as they just look at you

"We are talking about who the best kisser is" cal says

"And we can't decide who is because we keep saying our selfs so"

They just awkwardly stair at you

"And" you say as you are confused

"We need a judge and was thinking since your our best girlfriend we know that you'll be honest" Luke says as you them look in shock

"No no no what no" you say as you cross your arms

"Please" ash says

"Fine but cal stop doing them puppy dog eyes and Luke stop biting your lip" you say as they high five each other to seen who is going to be the best kisser as you feel like slapping yourself for agreeing to do this

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