Pretend there is a title here

I'm sorry the first parts make it seem like a boring thing but it's not. I put realism because no category really fits, so yeah. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR A TITLE PLEASE HELP


8. 8

I opened my eyes again and tried to sit up. Again. This time I remained conscious, so I stood, feeling fine. Cool.


I heard a thud and the door shattered. Two people in all black, a man and a woman, entered the small living room, pistols drawn and aimed at me.


"Where are Pierre and Edmon Lefèbre?" the woman shouted at me. I opened my mouth but no sound came out. The man advanced, and I was staring down the barrel of his gun.


"And who are you?" he asked.


"C- C-" I couldn't get it out. The man lifted the gun and brought it back down on my head, and I crumpled to the floor, clutching my head.




"Anthony!" the woman yelled, "if you insist on knocking her out, do it properly!" The man grumbled and the woman walked over to where I was, grabbing my arm and yanking me to my feet.


"Sorry," she said, "he's not very good at his job." I started to try to explain when she put her gun to my chest and pulled the trigger.

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