Pretend there is a title here

I'm sorry the first parts make it seem like a boring thing but it's not.
I put realism because no category really fits, so yeah.


2. 2

The bus reached our school and we went to the gym, waiting to be dismissed to our classes.


I saw Kate and waved her over.


"So?" she asked me. I stared blankly at her. "Aren't you . . . going to say something?"


"Like . . ."


"'Congrats, Kate, I'm so happy for you and Joe, Kate'. You know, something like that."


"Oh. Right. The one week anniversary. Wonderful." I rolled my eyes. Kate had a new boyfriend every week or so, so I guess a one week anniversary was sort of a big accomplishment. Ish.


"I know you may not care that much, but Joe's a great guy. I think he's really a keeper. When do you want to meet him?"


"Uh, whenever I guess," I replied, not really caring.


"Oh here he comes!" She dragged me over to a small group of guys.


A redhead and two with pitch-black hair. They looked like identical twins.


I hesitantly walked over to them with Kate. With a second glance I noticed that the two twins had a single distinction:

One had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.

And the other's were a deep, dark gray.


The blue eyed one's gazed shifted from Kate to me, lingering there.


"Who's this, Kate?" he asked.


"Pierre meet Catherine, Catherine meet Pierre. And Pierre's twin, Edmon, and my boyfriend, Joe." Joe smiled at me and motioned for us to follow him.


"Come on, let's go eat breakfast or something. Sit at our table?" he asked us. Kate nodded enthusiastically and winked at me.

I ignored her and followed Pierre, Joe, and Edmon to the cafeteria.

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