Pretend there is a title here

I'm sorry the first parts make it seem like a boring thing but it's not.
I put realism because no category really fits, so yeah.


16. 16

I can never wake up in a normal hospital. It's always someone's house or a coffin or something crazy like that. And now I'm in a basement, actually tied down to a table. What the heck?


The cold of the metal table passed through my shirt and chilled my back, and I shivered. Edmon walked to the edge of the table.


"Look, Catherine, I'm really sorry about this. Really. You see, Pierre has gotten real attached to you, and our job is to keep you away from some certain people. Pierre thinks he has to protect you."


"What . . ."


"The point is everything would have been easier if you had died. You obviously know something they need to know, so if our orders are to keep them from getting you . . Well, our job would be easier with a body."


Orders? What orders? From who? What was going on? Edmon reached to my side and pulled out a syringe. It had a clear liquid in it, and he rested the point of the needle on my arm.


"W-what's that?" I stuttered. Edmon smiled sadly at me and injected me with what was in the syringe. Just then Pierre opened the heavy door to this basement-thing. He froze as he saw what Edmon was doing.


"Edmon!" he shouted, and left, door slamming behind him. What was he . . . ?


Edmon swore and rushed to the door to lock it. Pierre slammed on it again, trying to get back in, and Edmon pushed back. Soon Pierre overpowered him and knocked his brother to the side, running at me with a vial he had gotten when he left. Everything was starting to blur. Pierre's shaking hands lifted the vial to my mouth and poured the contents into my mouth.


The blurriness started to recede and I could see Edmon jump at Pierre, growling. Pierre threw him off his back and kicked his feet out, knocking Edmon to the ground.


"Why did you poison her?!" he yelled at Edmon, "We were supposed to protect her!"


"No, we have to keep her away from them!"


"Who is them?" I interrupted. Both twins glared at her. I swallowed down my other hundred questions and focused on escaping.


The knots in the rope were probably able to be untied. Edmon got up and threw a punch at Pierre. I tried wriggling my arms out. Pierre had Edmon in a choke hold. One arm came free! Edmon was starting to go blue. I untied the other knot and slipped off the table. Pierre dropped Edmon, who was unconscious, and rushed over to me.


"We have to leave," Pierre said.


"Leave your brother?" I asked. Pierre nodded and grabbed my arm, and we ran through the door and out of the house.

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