Pretend there is a title here

I'm sorry the first parts make it seem like a boring thing but it's not. I put realism because no category really fits, so yeah. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR A TITLE PLEASE HELP


15. 15

I regained consciousness and gasped, but no air came in. My lungs weren't working. I gasped for air again. Where was I? In a box? I pushed out and hit wood. I tried to break through. I kicked and punched at the walls. I felt myself about to pass out again and panicked, throwing myself against the wood.


The wooden box opened and I saw a man's face. My father's. He looked at me in horror, like he was seeing a ghost. I choked a little, trying to breathe, and someone else pulled my father away from the box and started lifting me out . . .


Before I passed out again I looked down and saw a coffin.

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