Runaway-A One Direction FanFic

Will I find hope,and get time to runaway from my home?Will I ever find someone who loves me, or will my dad and brother find and kill me.

Copyright, Datsecretnerd. If you want to post this story on another site contact me.


1. Runaway

All I remember is running away,away from the memories that my brother and father had left.I ran and ran,until their I hit it.An orphanage.This looks like a perfect place.

"Hello"The nice lady says.

"Hi" I said

"Can I help you sweety"She asks

"Um yes,can I please live here"I asked her

"Oh sweety you can't just live here,don't you have parents?" She said

I explained to her how my dad and brother was super abusive and how they had raped me.(BTW guys some of you think these stories are true they are not)She looked at me with hurt in her eyes,she knew I was about to let out tears.

"Well I will definetly change your last name so they wont find you"She said

"Thank you,"I said

"Whats your last name anyway"She asked

"I was never told,besides I dont even look like my dad nor my brother"I said

She looked at me then realised something..

"You were here before as a baby,"She said

"What hows that possible"I asked

She pulled out a picture of a baby,it looked really really familiar.Then I pulled out a picture it was the same picture.I was adopted, wow interesting.It would have been helpful information to know wouldn't it?

"Wow,so I really have no clue whatmy last name is.."I said

"Well whats your first,maybe your still in the system.."She said

"My first name is Christa"I said

"Ahhh,he you are your last name is Tomlinson,and your middle name is Marie."She said

"Wow, I am super happy I know my full name"I said

"Well you should go upstairs I am sure you had a long day"She said

I walked upstairs,I saw this room filled with One Direction merch. Whoa,this boy looks totally like me.He has brown hair,and blue eyes.His names Louis, and being in England I can probably run into these boys.Maybe tomorrow I will go walking in London.But if I was I had to do some stuff.I went into the bathroom with a pair of scissors.I had to cut my long brown hair.When I came out of the bathroom, my long brown hair was now short curly brown hair.Also, I would have to change my style now.Instead of being a tomboy, I will be a girly girl.(Check out Polyvore Account for outfit)

-----Next Morning-----

I woke up I saw all these posters.God they freak me out.I went into the bathroom and changed into my outfit.My hair was up I was in a dress.Wow, I really never thought I would be in a dress.

"Hey Ms.Daisy, I am going to for a walk don't worry I am wearing a disguise" I said

"Ok Christa!! Have fun!!!" She said yelling from the kitchen.

I got out of the orphanage and saw these crowds of girls running over to nandos. So I decided to follow the crowd, I mean how bad could it be I am really hungry.Once me and the crowd got there, I kinda sneaked in there because I was suuuuuper hungry.

Then guess what happened, oh yeah!! Security came and got me.

"Let her down,"One said

"Yeah she is just hungry will be fine"Another said

Why were they being so nice.Since they were so nice I decided to sit by them.

"Hi, I am Christa."

"Hey I am Louis,This is Niall,Zayn.Harry,and Liam" He said

"Cool so I am guessing your famous or your parents are really protective.."

"Um yeah were famous,haven't you heard of us?"He asked

"Nope, Unless your One Direction..."

"We are,"He said

My eyes widened and I formed an "O" with my mouth.

"Well sorry I don't get out much.But you look familiar do I know you?"

"Um no, remember we just met,but I do say you do look familiar"He said

The rest of the boys just looked at us in awe.As if we were stupid or something.

"Hey Louis,why don't we take Christa to your Mum,I am sure she has nothing planned for today anyway"Niall said,I look kind of offended.

So we drove of to Louis' Mums house.We rung the doorbell when she opened the door.She immediately tried to shut it after she saw me,whats up with that?But Zayns foot was in the door so.

"Hey Mum,whas the matter."Lou asked.

"Did you not notice Louis,the girl next to you is your younger sister!!!"His mum immediately said

"WHAT!?!?"We said in unison"I HAVE A SIBLING"

"But if thats a case Mum,Why did you give me away!!!" I yelled

"Because,I couldn't afford to have two kids so I kept one and gave the other one up for adoption"She said,which made me burst out in tears.

"Do you realize what I have gotten through for these past years of my life,thinking my real family was them even know they abused me and raped me"I cant believe those words came out of my mouth.They all stared at me.


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