Foxy's first mate


1. Love at first sight!

One day Mike was looking through the news when he spotted a Ad for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzarea.When he called the Manager sounded terrified,but I didn't take notice to it.when she said I got the job and come before 12 p.m. I was astonished that I didn't have a conference or something.

Time skip. Work

When my shift started I sat down in a worm down work chair that looked uncomfortable but actually was really comfortable.When I picked up the tablet to check I looked at the stage first to see none of he moved off stage but they all were looking at Pirate Cove,it made me scared something was coming. But what was coming I didn't expect to happen next thing I know I'm on the ground pinned by a hook to my neck.

Foxy's forst mate

When I looked up I was astonished to find my favorite over me growling "Foxy".

Foxy's P.O.V.

When I heard him say my name I tensted up,that voice it sounds so familiar.Then the alarm goes off so I get up and leave saying nothing.

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