All my friends are anime characters.

A anti-social teen who only wants to be in her favorite amines. Little does she know that she will be taken to a world with all of them.*Includes blue exorsitst, vampire knight, kaze no stigma, ouran high school host club, and MORE.



I sit in front of my computer looking at pictures of Zero Kiryuu. If he was not an anime character this would be creepy. I plug in my headphones to quite the silence. Playing Me and Creed did make life funnier. After a few loops of it and countless images of Zero, I stopped. 

Hmm-mm... I haven't watched Kaze No Stigma or Ouran High School Host Club in awhile. I said scrolling through Netflix

"Luna honey, dinners ready!"  My mom called from the kitchen.

"Coming!" I said as I went to the table.

My parents talked about things like the weather and work. They didn't try to talk to me or involve me. Whenever I tried to talk I would be quieted.

Well at least they feed me and have taken care of me. I thought as my mind drifted to what anime to watch next.

The rest of the night went like a blur. I couldn't decide what to watch next so I watched clips and such (of most of the anime's). After a few hours I went to sleep. My dreams where of fan girl things. When I woke I realized I was not in my room. The room looked like a dorm room. It appeared to be a mix between the dorms at Cross Academy and True Cross Academy. I looked out the window and it looked like a mix between all of my favorite amines.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!! I said not knowing what to do.

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