All my friends are anime characters.

A anti-social teen who only wants to be in her favorite amines. Little does she know that she will be taken to a world with all of them.*Includes blue exorsitst, vampire knight, kaze no stigma, ouran high school host club, and MORE.


2. To the Host Club!

  Ok, just breath, this kind of things normal right? No of course it isn't! Then again what is happening? I thought to myself. If being completely lost and horribly confused weren't the lest of my problems, the room was locked. I looked around and noticed there was a a small oak desk on the other side of the room. I diced to go rummage through it, and to my surprise I found an infinity key in one of the draws. WHAT? Why would an infinity be doing in here? This place just keeps get weirder. Well it is an infinity key, so first of I should choose where I should go first. Maybe the host club, they would be the essayist to get info out of. I thought as I put the key into the lock and opened the door. 


I stood there in a strange trance as a wave of rose pestles hit me. Yep, this is the Host Club alright. I thought looking across the familiar room, of course this was the first time I ever had step foot in it.

"We have a new guest Tamaki" said Kyoya, not looking up from his little black book.

"Oh hello, princess. Your hair is so smooth and shiny! With its very light golden color and perfect curls it seems to good to be true! Then with your eyes being such a light blue, witch are almost blinding, you look like a true angel! Come, sit, and have tea with the host of your choosing" said Tamaki.

I jumped back and noise that whet some where along the lines of "Gai haah".

"Whats with those clothes, it looks like you just got out of bed." said the Twins.

With that comment I realized I had been too much of a rush to notice that I was still wearing my pj's when I left. Also, what would I have changed into? 

"But she still so cute!" said Honey, who was on Mori's shoulders.

By this time I was very worried, but then again they where the Host club so this behave was not so odd.

"Um thank you I think. I'm kind of" I started to say.

 "We need give um this girl proper makeover" Tamaki said to the host club members.

I was backed up against the wall and was starting to regret coming to the Host Club.

"I'm sorry about them, they can be a bit over baring sometimes. By the way whats your name?" said Haruhi.

"Uh m-my name is Luna Alibell. I know they c-can be over bearing, I'm just n-not very good with people. Also I d-don't go here" I said.

"I see. Would mind explainable to us why your here" said Kyoya.

Next thing I knew we were all siting on the couches and I had explained why I was there, of course I left out the who universe hoping and what not.

"Interesting, can you tell me what is -2+5*6/-3+9/-7 is?" asked Kyoya.

"Kyoya that not a fair to ask her that" said Honey.

"The answer is -13. Well -13.2857143857 to be exact." I said.

"That is the correct answer" He said

The Host Club just looked at me in shock .

"It was just a simple math question. I can answer almost anything." I said looking down.

"So you're here to become an All-Star student" said Kyoya.

"Y-yes" I said, even though I had no idea what an All-Star student was.

"An All-Star student" asked Haruhi.

"The entrance exam is really hard" said Hikaru.

"Only about 2% of the people pass it" said Kaoru.

"She has the brains to pass the test now she just needs to look the part." Tamaki said snapping his figures.

The twins grab me while the rest of the host club prepared other things for this "makeover". After it was all done they just stared at me in astonishment. Now I was wearing an All-Star student uniform.

"Can I keep this" I asked.

"Yes! You look like a little doll" Tamaki said.

"Here's a map" said Kyoya handing me the map.

"Thank You" I said as I ran off.


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