All my friends are anime characters.

A anti-social teen who only wants to be in her favorite amines. Little does she know that she will be taken to a world with all of them.*Includes blue exorsitst, vampire knight, kaze no stigma, ouran high school host club, and MORE.


4. Its all just a Fruits Basket.

Let see here. I thought as I opened the map. Ok the schools are Ouran, True Cross, Cross, Seiryo, and Kaibara High. Well I can deal with those. Oh there's the Phatomhive Manner here! WHAT? That does mean Sebastian. But I thought this was a school. Oh well. I think I'll go to Kaibara High nextI thought as I put the Infinity key into the nearest door and opened it.  Stepping though the door, I almost  bummed into Yuki. Thankfully I stepped back in time, but some how I ended up on the floor.

"Miss are you all right" Yuki asked as I got up.

"Um well I um am just fine" I said, trying to think of something to say that would make this easier.

"What were you doing in the closet" Touru asked.

"I have no idea" I said trying to act like I didn't just use a magical key to get there.

"Your an All-Star student shouldn't you be smart or something" Kyo said.

"Said the one who just flunked a test" said Yuki.

"Shut up you damn rat" Kyo yelled.

The two of them stared to argue back and forth.

"You two act just like a cat and mouse. Well I guess its only natural since you can transform into them and all." I said. Of course I only realized after that I just gave away the fact that I knew about the zodiac curse.

They just stared at me in complete shock and amazement

"It didn't take me two long to fireguard it out. Well I am an All-Star student. Trust me I wont say a word " I said.

"Um what brought you here" Touru asked trying to break the tension.

"I was just looking around. I didn't mean to cause any trouble" I said felling vary bad for everything that happened.

"Well we will show you around the school then" she said as we walked down the halls.



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