Forbidden love

What happens when a country's from Texas girl mixes with a city boy from NYC?

You'll have to read to find out....


4. The concert

"good mornin darlin" dad said from the kitchen, he gave me a kiss on my head. "hey daddy, what's for breakfast?" dad put the newspaper on the kitchen bench and picked up two tickets. "and that is?" I took a few steps to see it better. "nooo? Your joking! Don't lie dad" I said. "I'm not lying darlin your going to Taylor Swift!" he said. "AHHHHHHHHH! Holy crap! Really?" I had tears in my eyes. "yes really Sophie I live you." I ran to dad and gave him a hug. "I love you too!" I looked at the cross hanging on the wall, "thank you lord Jesus for giving me this lucky opportunity to go to this concert." I said a prayer as most people in my town including my family are Christian or Catholic. 


I ran to my room to get ready, I put on my flannelette tank shirt with my denim shorts and my brown ingraved floral patterned boots. " I'M READY DADDY!" I screamed as I was running from my room. "Get in the truck then won't ya?" he said. 


It was a long drive to the airport and Theire was nothing to do in the car. I was listening to Georgia Florida Line in the car because they are my dads favorite band. 


It was a long airaplane ride aswell but I just watched movies the whole time. 


A/N: hey guys. I'm new to wrighting and you are probably thinking that I am bad haha. This book is one that I feel pasionite about it has a lot of my story in it and yeah. Also you might not understand a lot of it because it is quite country styled! If you have any ideas of what should happen next let me know and I will try and use as many ideas as posible. Cya xx

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