Forbidden love

What happens when a country's from Texas girl mixes with a city boy from NYC?

You'll have to read to find out....


1. My life

"sophie! Stad up!" yelled miss Kerr from her desk. I was a bit scared, miss Kerr is a real nasty teacher. I already had 2 detentions given by her. Miss Kerr had long blonde hair, brown eyes and a big nose. All my friends and I called her big nose.


I stood up infront of my desk and the sound the chair squealing against the floor pissed her off even more. "y-yes miss...?" I said quite shyly. 


"next time please do not disturb my class.... You may sit..." said miss Kerr holding her last note strong and firm.



The bell went for the class to end. I got my backpack and walked out to my daddy's Chevy truck. 


"hey darlin' how was your day today?" he asked. My dad has always been thir for me ever since my mother died in a car accident. "yeah ah, it was good yeah haha." dad gave me a look of 'your a crap lire.' I just giggled.


When we got home I took my boots off and ran to my room. I closed the for and opened up the diary I have locked and secure under my bed where no one will find it. 


I opened it up to the middle page where I hade made a small collage of my boyfriend Chase. Chase and I have been together for a year. His tan skin, blue eyes, shaggy brown hair. She's all I ever needed. A chill Wend though MU stomach as I said in my head, I live you chase. 

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