Forbidden love

What happens when a country's from Texas girl mixes with a city boy from NYC?

You'll have to read to find out....


6. Justin bieber

"I'm Jeremy, nice to meet you." my dad and Jeremy exchanged a hand shake. "so this is my daughter Jazmyn, my son Jaxon and my oldest son Justin." he's dad pointed to all of his children as he named them. "Well this here is Sophie." my dad whispered to me tellin me to say hi, so I did. "hey nice to meet y'all" Justin is really hot but I love chase. "so we're from Canada what about you?" Justin asked us. "uh we're from Texas." I bursted out before my dad could. My dad pinched me and smiles knowing what was going on. "why don't you two go somewhere for a chat and get to know eachother?" my dad said while gesturing to Justin. "well okay, you can come with me, Sophie is it?" I can't believe he questioned my name, "yeah Sophie but you can call me soph." I smiled. 


Justin showed me to where his room was. He was so handsome. "so... Soph how old are you?" he asked while sitting down in the couch in his room. "I'm 17 yourself?" I asked trying to look aswell as sound hot. "I'm 18 and you're welcome to sit down." he tapped the seat next to him. 


"how long have you been here for?" Justin asked me in a sexy way. "I only just got here, I'm coming for a Taylor swift concert." I said and I shuffled closer to him. "oh yeah I've been here for two weeks so I can show you around if you like. Sometime?" 


My phone started ringing, it was chase. "you don't mind if I take this call?" I asked. "no. No problem at all." Justin replied. "hey chase." I said "hey baby, how's it in NYC?" he asked. "oh it's good yeah it's pre good." that's good I just wanted to check up on you. I'm gonna text you later cause I have to go." chase said. "okay byeeee." I hung up straight away. 


"soooo..." I stated again with Justin. He put his arm on the back of the chair. You should come with us for dinner tonight. I bet you'll look astonishing." Justin winked. "you sure know how to flatter a girl." I smiled flirty. "anyway I think I should go back to my dad he's probably thinking we're getting in with eachother haha" we both laughed. 


Justin opened the door for me and showed me to my dad where he was having a beer with Jeremy. "dad?" Justin called, "can Sophie and I go out for dinner at a resturant tonight?" both our dads smiled and said, "yes okay" 


"I'm just going to take Sophie back to her apartment." Justin said to them. He opened the door for me, "ladies first" I giggled at how sweet Justin was. "thank you" Justin walked with his hand around my back. I opened the door of my room. "do you want to come in for a little bit?" I asked "sure" Justin replied. We both walked in. "I'll help you with your bags." Justin took my bags to my room. He sat on my bed with a cheeky smile. I sat down next to him and he put his arm around my back. "your very beautiful you know." he said. "your quite handsome your self." I winked at him, we both laughed. I put my hand on him lap. Justin pressed his lips on my  

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