Forbidden love

What happens when a country's from Texas girl mixes with a city boy from NYC?

You'll have to read to find out....


2. Chase

Chase was over at my house as he would be nearly every day. My dad liked him so he was aloud to be over 24/7. We were home alone as dad was at work. We were just sitting on the couch watching a boring action movie that chase liked.


"baby?" chase asked with a smile in his face, "wanna go to your room?" he asked. I was getting a little exited, I had never had a 'proper Makeout session' with chase yet.


"yeah okay. " chase knew I've always had a lot of respect for myself so he could never ask me if I wanted sex. 


I stood up and grabbed chase' hand. We walked past the kitchen towards my room which was in a hallway with the toilet and bathroom. Chase sat down on my bed and gestured me to sit on his lap.


I did so with my legs kneeling at his side. I was facing him. And I went in for the kiss. I put one arm around his neck and the other in his hair. His hands were on my ass moving up and down. 


Chase put his toungue in my mouth and became a full out Makeout session all our emotion went into this kiss. Chase pulled my T-shirt off and I was now in my bra and denim shorts.


I could feel his soft lips moving against mine so gentle yet so violent. I loved the kiss it was amazing!


I pulled chase' shit off and started feeling his ab muscles. Chase pulled me off and locked his lips. He pulled of his shorts so he was in only his boxers. He grabbed my hand to pull me up. 


We started kissing standing up. Oh how I longed for this day. His hands were on my hips but slowly moving down to take me shorts off. I let him but if it got any further it would be off Thoth the head for chase. Our body's were pressed so close I could feel his heartbeat. 


He pushed me onto the bed where we both lied. He had his arm around me and I put my arm on his pecks. We were still kissing. His hand went to dirty town and started making his move but I was getting uncomfortable so I pulled away. Chase was acting weird today normally if I was uncomfortable he'd comfort me.


Today he was pulling my closer and his hand and fingers were doing things that were uncalled for. 


I decided to get on top of his so he wouldn't be able to do 'bad' things to me. 


"I'm really tired do you wanna stop?" I asked politely. "are we going to fuck first?" chase asked with a grin. 

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