Strange Romance


2. Two

"Maya? Maya?! MAYA!"

I shake my head and blink rapidly. "Huh?" I say, still adjusting as I come out of a daze.

"Were you even listening to me?!" My friend Xaria sounds furious.

"Yeah about the thing where you went...uh..."

Xaria laughs. She can always laugh it off easily.

"Yeah that thing." She says with a smile.

I smile weakly and laugh. We start talking about her crush and I roll my eyes. I don't honestly want to listen to her drone on, but I am a respectful person and intend to be a good friend.

That's when she asks the dreaded question.

"What have you been thinking about lately?" I bolt up straight and stare at her. "Or who?" She says with a smirk and she bobs her eyebrows up and down.

I give her a mock smile. "Hahaha," I say sarcastically. "Nothing. And no one either."

That's a total lie. Although luckily, she can't tell if someone is lying. That's my superpower.

"I can't believe you've NEVER had a crush before! On ANYONE!" She screams in frustration.

"I just don't think love comes as easily as it's implied. I'm pretty sure 'love at first sight' only exists in fairy tales." I reply calmly, plugging on earbud into my ear. Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" plays through to my ears.

"Aren't you just a ray full of sunshine?!" Xaria said sarcastically.

My other friends , Jeana Sarah, and Skyla come into the gym at that moment.

"Is Xaria yelling about crushes again?" Sarah says, plopping down next to her. We all laugh. Jeana and Skyla drop their bags and plop down next to me on the floor. Sarah and Xaria sit on the first row of bleachers.

"I just think it's outrageous how she's never liked anyone!" Xaria over-exaggerates the words "outrageous" and "anyone". I roll my eyes and look back at my phone. Skyla glances at me and I look at her. I wink and she smiles.

She knows the truth.

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