Don't Forget Me

There was only one survivor of the plane crash in Missouri that day, and he has no idea who he is, who he came with, or what he was doing on a plane to the States anyway. Everyone is waiting for his memory to return so he can tell the world what happened, because no one knows. The only thing is, the more he remembers about the past, the more he forgets about the present. Copyright © 2014 A'Kiva Wright


1. Before


Water lapped at my feet, cooling it only to be burned by the summer sun a moment later, but I didn't care. I lay on my back, sand in my hair and on my face and clothes, eyes closed. "Cian!" someone shouts. I open my eyes and twist around, grinning as my best friend comes running to me, red hair bouncing hilariously as he screams, running from our other friends. I stand just in time for them to run me over, and we all fall--laughing, choking--into the ocean, struggling to get up. I'm laughing, and he's swearing, and there's salt water in someone's eyes--someone else is pouring drinking water into their eyes to wash the salt away.

   I don't remember much after that.The next thing I know the sun is setting, and that redhead is sitting beside me, head against my shoulder. "Cian," he says, just as he falls asleep. "Don't ever forget me, okay?"

   I just smile, amused.

   "I don't think I ever could."

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