-Fairy Tail

Fairy tail is a guild, but not really, you see a guild is actually...
well you will find out.

dette findes men jeg skriver det om til en historie...


1. Fairy Tail




magic: transformation (fly) magic

birthday: year x778, 6 years old

birthplace: ?????

gender: male

hobbies: eating fish, and go on missions with Natsu(his partner)

special skills: a flying and talking blue cat...

likes: fish

hates: dogs (ecsept Plue shows later)

                                                                                Natsu Dragneel:

magic: (fire) dragon slayer magic

birthday: age 18(unknown) 

birthplace: (unknown)

gender: male

hobbies: go on missions, be with his nakama 

special skills: destroying things

likes: food, fighting and destoying things

hates: anyone who hurts his nakama

                                                                         Lucy (full name unknown)


magic: celestial spirit magic

birthday: july 1, year x767 age 17

birthplace: ???????????

gender: female

hobbies: shopping, cooking and reading

likes: writing her own novel

hates: peaple who take advantage others 



one of the 12 zodiacs 

In a land far, far away lays the kingdom of Fiore a small peaceful nation of 17 million and a place filled with magic found in corner and every marketplace. For most magic is nearly a tool a morn-day part of everyday life, for some however it is an art, and they have devoted there life to it´s practice, these are the wizards, banded together into magical guilds, they practice there skills and go and search for fame and fortune. Many such guilds is in Fiore, but there is a sudden guild, in a sudden town, there is high above the rest, one for which countless legends have been born, a guild there will no though continue to create legends well into the future. It´s name is FAIRY TAIL.



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