Romeo and Marie


1. Introduction

Marie's Pov

Hi, my name is Marie. I'm 16 years old. I have a secret that you won't believe if I told you. I guess I'll tell you anyways. Well the big secret is; I know the Magcon Boys personally. I also know Justin Bieber, 1D, 5SOS, and all of those stars. We won't worry about them though. I'm only here to tell you about the Magcon boys. See I told you. You don't believe me, do ya? You do? Oh well then I will contiue. See Nash, Cam, Taylor, and Jack J. hang out all the time. Yet, my bestfriend is Selena Gomez. She is sooo talented and gorgeous, I don't know why she wants to be my friend. I'm so glad she is, though, I don't know what I would do without her. So, I guess you want to hear the story now. Ok, without a further ado........let my beautiful story begin!

Matt's P.O.V

Hi, I'm Matthew Espinosa. I go by Matt though. You may know me as Mattosaurus Rex. Or maybe better than that Matthew Espinosa Magcon Guy, Viner, Youtuber, Social Media Megastar. Well, right now, I'm talking to you as Matt Espinosa 17 year old boy, high schooler, cool guy.

The reason I'm talking to you today is to inform you about a real life love story that everyone should get to have the oppurtunity to have. Maybe not in the same way. But at least almost like a fairytale. Since, you know all you girls are princesses to someone. If you don't feel like your walking on clouds or a princess in your realationship, I suggest go find a guy that makes you feel like that.

We are not here to talk about that stuff today. I'm here to tell you the story. Let the story begin!

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