Two Slytherins, Two Gryffindors

What if Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Blythe Vague were related? What if they were quadruplets? (That means four kids born at about the same time from the same mother) The cover was made by Amour Cliffy Kitty. So all of the credit goes to her for making the cover.


12. The Letters to the Ministry of Magic

                                                                                                         Hogwarts Slytherin                                                                                                   Common Room 

                                                                                                                     September 1

Dear Minister,

Our Headmaster has allowed four siblings to be broken apart, not even trying to get them in the same house. You should have seen what happened. All of the girls in the hall broke down, and the boys started protesting, about to cry. Then when Dumbledore finally told them to  go to their house tables, Blythe and Hermione (at least I think that was their names, I'm not exactly sure because they were first years) burst into tears and hugged their brothers (Draco and Harry, I think). Then Draco and Harry gave each other one last hug, both on the verge of tears, while also trying to calm down their sisters, who, when they gave each other their last hugs, started crying even harder than before. Professor McGonagall even had a few tears rolling down her cheek! If it can make Professor McGonagall cry, it has to be cruel. Could you please take into account these events? I also need to tell you one more thing. These siblings just met on the train ten minutes be fore they got sorted. And you know why. They were the Miasae quadruplets. They had been apart for eleven years of their lives and got separated after ten measly minutes together. Now does that sound right to you? Because it doesn't sound right to the rest of us Slytherins, Ravenclaws,  Hufflepuffs (except Ronald Weasley, but he's a git anyways.), and it doesn't sound right to the rest of the Gryffindors. We hope that you will take this matter into your hands and will resolve it. We wish you goodbye and we hope that you have a great day.


Marcus Flint (Slytherin Fifth Year), Angelina Johnson (Gryffindor Third Year), Cho Chang (Ravenclaw Second Year), and Cedric Diggory (Hufflepuff Fourth Year)                          

P.S. We wanted to tell you that you are a great Minister, but we didn't want to sound like kiss-ups.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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