Two Slytherins, Two Gryffindors

What if Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Blythe Vague were related? What if they were quadruplets? (That means four kids born at about the same time from the same mother) The cover was made by Amour Cliffy Kitty. So all of the credit goes to her for making the cover.


16. The Headmaster's Office

 Hermione was walking to Transfiguration when she walked by the Minister of Magic. He stopped her and told her that she had to go to the Headmaster's office immediately.

"But....what about Transfiguration?" she asked, her eyes turning from neon blue to a bright livid purple, then getting green around the iris of her eyes. The Minister looked at her funny, so she explained why and how her eyes do that. The reason is because when four witches/wizards are born to the same parents, they get some sort of extra power, and that was the power that they got. 

"Professor McGonagall knows that you have to go to the Headmaster's office. She has said that she will go over what she taught you yesterday, unless of course, you choose to be resorted in front of the whole school." said Fudge

"We get to be resorted? Like just me and Harry or all four of us?" she inquired

"All four of you. Now, you best be getting to that Headmaster's office so you shan't be late."


                                                                          (At the Headmaster's office)

Hermione slipped quietly into the door and snuck up behind the other three. They had no idea that she was there so she decided to prank them.

"Hey! You lot! Looking for someone?" she said, making them jump.

"Well, to be exact, we were looking for you, but then we stopped trying because we knew the Minister went to get you."


I'm sorry that this chapter was so short, but I wanted you to have to think for a second. And could you check out ILoveBooksAndYouKnowIt and my new book, What's the point? Thanks~



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