A Web of Lies

This dark poem was inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe and by the Shakespeare play Hamlet. I had this thought while I was in character as Hamlet and I decided to turn it into a poem. I love it when my played characters have their own thoughts :)


1. My Life-Sized Jungle Gym

The towering pillars stretch and spread out

To form a grid throughout. Each stanchion

Clings to the next and seems to take joy

In the way it connects. Forming within

My life-sized jungle gym.

I reach for the first of the bars that cross

My sight. It's strong, and light is my weight to

Bars this great. As if made for my very

Own pleasure the climb was easy within

My life-sized jungle gym.

Higher and higher, the ground beneath me

Becomes smaller as I am yet taller.

The bars are now stranger, higher I go.

The bars, they draw me. I'm pulled into

My life-sized jungle gym.

I see the sky above me. O what joy!

The grid I have climbed is yet below me.

I look down and see... Wait! What do I see?

A Web of lies! A sight so truly grim.

My life-sized jungle gym.

I try to descend, but the bars, once friends,

Are now my vice. My frame, it is caught in

This devilish snare. Frozen, I am wrapped,

For my last moments trapped. Life left me in

My life-sized jungle gym.

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