Primary School Sweethearts - A Michael Clifford Fan Fiction

Michael and Becki have known each other since forever! Ever since they could walk they've been going everywhere together, they were best friends, and soon enough to become lovers that would be torn in two. In the years that passed how will Michael survive being in a band with his sweethearts brother but without her by his side? After nearly 8 years and Becki’s moved on, how will Michael take it when he’s reunited with his primary school sweetheart?


1. Torn In Two

Almost 8 years ago Years Ago…


“What do you mean you’re moving away?!” Michael yelled at his 11 year old girlfriend, she sighed looking into his eyes, the tears threatening to fall,

“It means I’m not here for seniors, I’ll be in England by then” Michael’s head dropped to the floor, the thought of this girl who was not only his girlfriend but his best friend moving away felt like a stab to the chest..

“Mikey please speak to me! If I had a choice I’d be staying here! But my mum and dad split up! Luke stays with mum here in Australia and I go with my dad to a place called Newcastle in the north east of England.. Please Mike” A single tear rolled down Michael’s cheek as he saw his girl falling apart before his eyes. He pulled her tightly into a hug, her head resting gently on his shoulder..

“I’ll miss y-” Becki started, but was interrupted by him placing a finger on her lips,

“You’re not gone yet, I don’t want you to say your goodbyes until you’re actually going” She nodded. They sat in the corner of the field, lying on the grass, his arm wrapped around her shoulders, as they watched the clouds pass.. No need for conversation, just being there with one another was good enough.

“What about us?” Michael whispered, turning his head to meet her gaze,

“How can there be an us after today? I’m leaving! Seniors changes people! You’ll meet someone else, as our mothers tell us, we’re just kids, we have no thought on the future, how can we be together when we’re torn in two?” Letting a few tears slip, Becki sat up, bringing her knees to her chest, continuing to let the tears fall.. Michael also sat up, nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck,

“We may just be kids, but i’m sure about you, i’m sure about us! It’ll always just be you B!” She let out a sarcastic laugh,

“Yeah just like you were sure about that new game you got, but after a few games you got bored and never played it again, It’s for the best if we’re not together, it’s better for the both of us!” Michael didn’t reply, he just kept his head faced down on her shoulder, his sadness being replaced by anger. He soon sat up straight, anger running through him,

“Why would they do this to us?! We’ve been inseparable ever since we were born! They can’t just tear us apart! You’re not just my girlfriend B you’re my best friend, my emotional support system, how can i cope without you?!” He shouted, a few kids on the playground looking their way,

“Can you please keep it down! I don’t want to leave! I have no choice! My dad has family back in England that’s why he’s going back there, they’ve already decided that i’m the one leaving with him cause i’m ‘daddy’s little girl’, don’t be mad at me, i want to stay right here with you!” Michael’s expression softened, no matter what, he’d have to let her go..

“When do you leave?”

“Tomorrow..” His eyes widened as he stared at her in shock,

“Tomorrow?! As in the day after today?!” She let out a small giggle at Michael’s blonde moment,

“Yes, i only just found out this morning, Dad will have my stuff packed by the time i get home” He sighed, looking down at the grass below him, ‘this is not happening’ he thought to himself, but in reality it really was..


The Next Day…


Michael dragged himself over to Becki’s house not even his own mother could make him go into school and miss the last chance to say goodbye to her.. He left his bike against the fence as he saw Mr Hemmings pilling the boxes in the removal van,

“Mr Hemmings i thought the flight wasn’t for a couple hours? He panicked, Mr Hemmings gave him a small pat on the head,

“It is don’t worry, you still have time to spend with Becki, the luggage needs to go first so its there for when we get there” He gave a swift smile at him before heading into the house to collect some more boxes.

“MIKEY!” He turned around to see Becki running towards him, he quickly embraced her in a hug pulling her off her feet slightly,

“I’m so glad you’re here i have an hour before we have to head to the airport” The tears started to flow from Becki’s hazel eyes, the sight broke his heart.. The pair spent the hour they have left together in her room enjoying eachothers company and bringing up some old memories they shared. At last Becki’s dad shouted that it was time to leave.. The 11 year olds slowly walked downstairs hand in hand making their way out to the car.. by this time their cheeks were tear stained and their eyes were red and puffy..

“I guess this is goodbye..” She sniffed, slightly sobbing,

“Not before I do this..”Michael pressed his lips to hers, sharing a short yet passionate first kiss with her, Liz Hemmings and Karen Clifford aww’ed in the background. They pulled away resting their foreheads against one anothers..

“I have to go.. I’ll miss you so much Michael Gordon Clifford” She smirked slightly, knowing how much he hated when people use his full name,

“I’ll let you off for that one! I’ll miss you too, promise me we’ll keep in contact!” Mikey sobbed, she nodded, giving him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek before climbing into the back seat of the car.. He waved as he watched his girlfriend/best friend leave his life for what he thought was for good…

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