Primary School Sweethearts - A Michael Clifford Fan Fiction

Michael and Becki have known each other since forever! Ever since they could walk they've been going everywhere together, they were best friends, and soon enough to become lovers that would be torn in two. In the years that passed how will Michael survive being in a band with his sweethearts brother but without her by his side? After nearly 8 years and Becki’s moved on, how will Michael take it when he’s reunited with his primary school sweetheart?


3. New Boyfriend vs Old Boyfriend

Michael’s POV


We had just finished our show in Newcastle, One Direction were on to their last encore. Becki came over and hugged us individually. I held her for a bit longer, just wanting to feel her in my arms,

“You did amazing Michael!!” She squealed, placing a kiss on my cheek, obviously Harry came off stage at that exact point..

“What’s going on here?” He growled,

“Nothing Haz what are you on about?” She rolled her eyes, i did my best not to laugh, that’s my little stubborn best friend!

“What are you smirking at? You think it’s funny to hit on someone else's girlfriend? eh?!” He shoved me against the wall making me whack my head,

“HARRY!!” I heard her shout, I felt his fist connect with my face, i fell to the floor, my vision blurry,

“That’s the whole point!” I got a kick to stomach knocking the wind completely out of me.. i lay on the floor clutching my stomach before everything went black…

(Disclaimer - I know Harry wouldn’t do that, it’s just for the purpose of the story)


Becki’s POV


Something broke in my heart seeing Michael fall to the floor, tears streamed down my face, no matter how many times i yelled Harry didn’t stop, once i saw him black out i completely broke… I ran towards Harry shoving him away from him, i stood in front of him, determined to not let him get hurt again,

“MOVE!” I shook my head, standing closer to the lifeless boy on the floor..

“Hurt him, and i won’t hesitate to wipe that stupid fucking smirk of your fucking face!” I growled,

“He deserves it, he’s trying to steal you from me!” He yelled,

“No he’s not! Michael Gordon Clifford is the most sweet innocent 19 year old i’ve ever met! He’s my old best friend! He’s just doing what he’s always done! Been there for me! More than you ever have! He wrote a song for me! He never forgot me even when we were at opposite ends of the world for 8 years!!!” I yelled, seeing that scene before me made me realise that Harry didn’t care about me, the only person who ever did was Michael..

“Baby come on, i’m sorry, why don’t we just go back to my hotel room and spend some time together?” He moved his hand down my waist, i gave him a look of disgust,

“I’d rather make out with my brother than lose anything to you!” I shoved him away,

“For gods sake the girl i had last night was much easier to get than you!” I stared at him in shock, tears filling my eyes once again,

“YOU CHEATED ON MY SISTER!” I heard Luke yell as he came into view,

“YOU BEAT MY BEST FRIEND AS WELL?!” Luke went to throw a punch, but Ashton held him back,

“Luke don’t you’ll be just as bad as him, oh and if it isn’t obvious already Harry, we are so done!” I turned around picking Michael up with Luke and Ashton’s help. We took him back to my hotel room. He lay on my bed lifeless and bruised,

“Luke do me a favour, move him over on his front while i get some ice?” He nodded, i walked into the kitchen and grabbed some ice from the freezer, i sat down on the bed next to the out cold Michael, I slowly started to lift his shirt up,

“Er India what are you doing?” Luke smirked at me,

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Harry kicked him hard in the stomach, look he’s already got a huge bruise!” On his stomach lay a huge black and blue bruise, i gently lay some ice on it, then i began to remove his shirt. Michael slowly opened his eyes causing me to blush,

“Hey, er answer me this quick question, why are you taking my shirt off?” He smirked at me letting out a chuckle, I blushed a deeper red,

“Well when Harry um kicked you he left a huge bruise..” Tears formed in my eyes again.. i can’t believe i let it go on that long, he’s all battered and bruised and its my fault..

“Hey hey hey! Look at me” Michael gently placed his finger underneath my chin, and forced me to look at him,

“It’s not your fault babe! You couldn’t of done anything, anyway I deserved it, you’re his girl” He looked down at the ice i placed on his stomach,

“Mikey you didn’t deserve it! No one does definitely not you! You’ve been there for me for as long as i can remember, and i’m not his girl anymore, he’s cheated on me god knows how many times!” I placed some ice on his black eye, he placed his hand on my knee,

“He’s stupid, if he can’t see how perfect you are then he’s just not worth it”

Did he just call me… perfect?... i felt the redness rise to my cheeks and a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach,

“You think i’m perfect?” He smiled, meeting my gaze,

“Yeah I do” I felt myself slowly leaning in, he did too, we were almost about to kiss but then Luke walked in…

“Woah what’s going on here you two?” Luke smirked settling down on the couch, placing his hands above his head and his feet on the coffee table,

“Oh don’t stop carry on with the show, i’ll be here when you’re finished” I rolled my eyes, but some part of me really wanted to carry on..

“Thanks for taking care of me B, I really appreciate it” He smiled his beautiful smile at me,

“I couldn’t just leave you, it broke my heart to see you all beat up, it still kinda hurts a little to see you with ice on your eye and stomach, knowing my jerk of an ex boyfriend did that..”

Nothing could change the amazing friendship i’ve always had with Michael, but what about the old relationship we had? Will that ever return?

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