Primary School Sweethearts - A Michael Clifford Fan Fiction

Michael and Becki have known each other since forever! Ever since they could walk they've been going everywhere together, they were best friends, and soon enough to become lovers that would be torn in two. In the years that passed how will Michael survive being in a band with his sweethearts brother but without her by his side? After nearly 8 years and Becki’s moved on, how will Michael take it when he’s reunited with his primary school sweetheart?


2. 8 Years Later

Becki’s POV


Leaving Australia was a huge step for me 6 years ago, but my life here in Newcastle has been fantastic apart from the weather, i made 2 friends on my first day Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirwall, who are now in a girl group called Little Mix with 2 other girls who i’m quite close with Leigh-Anne Pinncock and Jesy Nelson. I graduated school with 5 A’s and 4 A*’s and a B. So life had been pretty good for me so far also, when Perrie first got with Zayn Malik from One Direction, she set me up with Harry Styles who I had a HUGE crush on! We really hit off and soon started dating! I guess you could say i’ve changed a lot in the past 6 years but the only thing that has kept the same is i still have my australian accent!


The One Direction boys are going on their Take Me Home tour soon and a new band that will be coming to London soon will be there supporting act, this band is called 5 Seconds Of Summer, i’ve heard a couple of there songs i haven’t seen any pictures or videos so it’ll be a total surprise when i meet them this afternoon, all i know is that they are a four piece band and their first names are Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael and they are Australian which reminds me of my brother Luke Hemmings and ex boyfriend and old best friend Michael Clifford… The whole Michael situation didn’t go down well, we kept in touch for 4 months then we never spoke again, it hurt me really bad, i missed him so much i cried myself to sleep for weeks! But that doesn’t matter now, i’ve moved on and have a perfectly stable relationship with Harry.. The only problem being he tells me he loves me a lot, and i can’t say it back…..


“India come on babe the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys are here!” Harry shouted up the stairs, i squealed running down the stairs to join the introductions.

“I’m Harry this is Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam and Perrie Zayn’s girlfriend, Eleanor Louis’ girlfriend, Danielle Liam’s girlfriend and my girlfriend is somewhere upstairs” They all said there hi’s before introducing themselves, i couldn’t see them past liam’s fat head! He’s so tall!!

“I’m Calum Hood, this is Ashton Irwin, and those two are Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford” My world stopped, Luke and Michael are here! They hated each other! Now they are in a band together?..

I slowly made my way down the stairs, keeping my head down,

“Here’s my girlfriend! This is Becki!” Harry took my hand, entwining my fingers with his, i slowly looked up meeting Luke and Michael’s gaze..

“No Way…” Michael whispered loud enough for me to here

“SIS!” Luke yelled, picking me up into a hug, i laughed hugging him back,

“Since when did you get so strong?” I smirked, he shrugged a huge grin across his face,

“Nice to see you again Cal” I hugged him, he was Luke’s friend but i never really knew him that well.

“Michael..” I turned my face away from him..

“You two know each other?” Harry asked, i nodded,

“She was my girlfriend from year 3 to the end of year 6” Michael said never taking his eyes off me,

“4 years.. wow”

“Harry don’t” I whispered,

“Don’t i get a hug?” I walked over slowly giving him a hug, the butterflies i used to feel coming back..

“Too long, also your hand’s a bit low down there Mikey boy” Harry said, i quickly pulled away from him,

“That’s how i normally hugged her” Michael said looking at the floor,

“Well that sunshine was when she was your girlfriend, she’s mine now, so next time keep your  hands up!” Harry growled.

“Harry calm down seriously!” I yelled, he glared at Michael for a second before wrapping his arms around my waist placing his head on my shoulder. This reunion wasn’t going to be easy…


Michael’s POV


Seeing her again after almost 8 years was probably the best thing/worst that's happened to me, the worst you ask? The fact that she’s moved on to someone i can’t compete with.. Ever since the day she left i couldn’t get her out of my head, there’s just something about her that just drives me crazy!


When she left i thought she was cute but now.. she’s cute and HOT! Her light brown hair hangs in loose curls down her curved figure everything about her is perfect..

“Err Mikey, you’re staring at her” Ashton nudged me in the arm,

“Sorry..” I walked back out into the van, and grabbed my guitar, when i turned 14 i wrote a song about B called Amnesia. I sat in the back of the van playing that song..

Once i finished i saw Becki standing at the van door,

“Hey” She whispered, climbing in the car seat opposite me, i didn’t know how to reply so i settled with a smile,

“That was a beautiful song” I looked up to meet her gaze,

“I wrote it about you when i was 14” She looked at me in shock, I laughed turning my face back to my guitar,

“Y-You wrote it about me?, no one’s ever done anything like that for me” I smiled at her,

“So Harry is in the biggest boyband in the world and he hasn’t wrote a song for you?” She sighed and shook her head,

“I wrote it because i wasn’t taking the fact that you left well, also it hurt more when we stopped talking, i really missed you” She smiled at me,

“I missed you too” She placed a soft kiss on my cheek making me blush, her face stayed close to mine, we were so close to kissing before the van door was pulled open, we jumped away to see Cal standing at the door,

“See Luke, Mikey is here!” Cal yelled, i turned towards the back of the van pretending to make sure all the instruments were there, to hide my bright red cheeks.

“Hey B come on, the boys need to set up and Harry wants you there” Eleanor said, I felt the presence in front of me leave, i rolled my eyes, Harry just wants her away from me..

“I’ll see you later Mikey?” She smiled nervously, i smiled back nodding, sometimes i can be so awkward!

“Smooth Mikey, real smooth” Cal said, leaning against the door, i sighed,

“Shut up Calum, she has a boyfriend, i’m not trying to ‘bust a move’ on her” Calum rolled his eyes, before unloading the instruments from the back of the van.

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