Primary School Sweethearts - A Michael Clifford Fan Fiction

Michael and Becki have known each other since forever! Ever since they could walk they've been going everywhere together, they were best friends, and soon enough to become lovers that would be torn in two. In the years that passed how will Michael survive being in a band with his sweethearts brother but without her by his side? After nearly 8 years and Becki’s moved on, how will Michael take it when he’s reunited with his primary school sweetheart?


5. 3 Years Later, We're Still Together.

Becki’s POV


I was hanging out with Mali-Koa, Calum’s sister, again for the 3rd time today I ran to the bathroom, throwing up, this has been going on for the past week! When is it going to stop?!

“India, we are going to the doctor’s now! This has gone on too long!” I sighed cleaning myself up.


Once we arrived to the doctor’s we got seen very quickly,

“So what seems to be the problem Miss Hemmings?”

“For the past week i’ve been throwing up, and i’ve been having really bad stomach pains” The doctor looked at me for a second,

“When was your last period Miss Hemmings?” I thought about it for a minute,

“When you mention it, i haven’t had one for the past 3 months” I started to panic, do i have some sort of disease?


The doctor said he would run a few tests then we would have to wait 10 minutes for any results. While we were waiting, i got a weird craving for peanut butter,

“B, you hate peanut butter!”

“I know but i just really really want some!” I whined, at that moment the doctor came out holding some papers in his hands,

“Well we ran a few tests, nothing completely serious came up, the only thing that we have to tell you is.. congratulations Miss Hemmings, you’re 3 months pregnant, please come back every 4 weeks so we can keep a check on you” With that he turned and and left the room.


My world came crashing down right in front of me, my hand flew to my stomach, i’ve been carrying a baby for 3 months! Michael’s baby… How was i going to tell him that he’s going to be a father?!

“B! Answer me! You’re scaring me!” I shook out of my thoughts and looked up at  Mali-Koa,

“I can’t be pregnant! This is going to tear me and Michael apart for good! We are 20 for christ sake!” Mali-Koa didn’t say anything, she just pulled me into a hug, letting me cry on to her shoulder…


2 months later..


Becki’s POV


It’s been 2 months and I’m now 5 months pregnant plus I still haven’t told Michael about the baby.. I keep on telling myself I will but when it comes to it I freak out and back out..

“Babe, you really need to tell him, it’s only a matter of time before he finds out on his own you are showing a lot now, you can’t keep wearing my and Luke’s jumpers, Ash knew straight away, I can trust him.

“I know Ash, but I’m scared he’ll leave me! We’re 20, maybe he’s not ready to be a father! I’m not sure I’m ready to be a mother!” He shook his head at me,

“You’re being stupid! Michael loves you more than anything! He’ll be so happy that you two are having a baby!”


Michael’s POV


I went downstairs, trying to find Luke, because I think he stole my phone again! I walked past the living room where I heard Becki and Ash talking, scared for what happened the first time..

“I’m scared Ash! This is huge! It could break him! I’m not ready to tell him something like this” I felt a lump in my throat… Maybe this is not what I think…

“You know I love you B, put you’re being stupid! You just need to break the news to him! He’ll be fine!”

Okay it’s exactly what I think… She’s cheating on me…


Becki’s POV


I walked up to the room me and Michael shared to find him wrapped up in the blankets, well that’s strange?

“Michael, what are you doing babe? I need to tell you something!” He groaned, emerging from the blanket mess, his hair was flat and messy, and his face was all red,

“Are you sick?” I asked, he really didn’t look well, I placed my hand on his forehead, but he quickly shoved me away from him.

“Sick of your lies” He whispered,

“What are you talking about Mikey? You’re scaring me!” He scoffed,

“You know fine well what I’m on about! I know your little secret!” My jaw dropped.. How!?

“H-How did you know?” His face filled with sadness,

“You’re not happy..” He doesn’t want the baby…


“Micahel what i had to tell you is I’m pregnant I-” His face filled with fury,

“ASHTON IS HAVING A BABY WITH YOU! This is worst than i thought…” Tears flew down his cheeks, he began sobbing dramatically, he sat in the corner, his knees up against his chest..

“Babe, that’s not true at all!” I knelt down in front of him,

“Ashton was forcing me to tell you that I’m pregnant with your child, i wouldn’t dare cheat on you with Ash! You’re my baby’s father” The tears instantly stopped, he moved a hand so it was resting on my stomach.. for the first time i felt the baby kick, he gasped looking me in the eye, the tears flowing down his cheeks once again,

“I felt it kick!” He grinned, he stood up and ran out of the room screaming,

“GUYS! GUESS WHAT! I MADE A BABY!” I laughed at his childishness, Luke and Cal came in the room with him,

“You’re pregnant? Mikey, you actually made a baby?! You are actually capable of that?” Calum asked in shock, Michael grinned from ear to ear, nodding his head eagerly.

“Yeah, Cal is the slut in the band, i thought he’d be the one getting a girl pregnant first for sure!” Calum elbowed Luke in the stomach,

“Nope! I was the first one to make a 5sos baby!” Michael yelled practically dancing around the room,

“When do you find out if it’s a girl or a boy?!” Michael chirped,

“Tomorrow” He grinned even wider if that was possible, nothing could make me happier at this moment.

“Ash, i’m sorry that i accused you of sleeping with my girlfriend, i really need to stop being so paranoid, i was so close to going to kick your ass” Ashton laughed, placing a hand on Luke’s shoulder,

“Thanks Michael, and also you couldn’t kick my ass, i would kick your ass”

“I’ll kick both your asses if you don’t shut up!” I rolled my eyes sarcastically.


Michael’s POV


I waited outside the doctors room with Luke, I started pacing back and forth, for some reason I let my mind think of the worst scenarios like what if there’s something wrong with the baby or worst of all there is no baby…

“Michael! Sit the fuck down! You’re causing a draft!” Lukel moaned, I ignored him as I continued to pace up and down the hall.

About 10 minutes later Becki came out of the room, a huge smile on her face,

“Well?” I asked,

“Daddies little princess is just fine!” I felt the tears well up in my eyes for the 3rd time since yesterday,

“W-We’re having a girl?!” I yelled, I ran up to her embracing her in a passionate kiss, DID I MENTION WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL?!

“Thank god you came out when you did, this one was about to cause a blizzard with his pacing!” Luke smirked, hugging his sister.

“Now it’s the hard part, picking out a name” I grinned, i didn’t care how long it would take, someday i’ve always wished i would pick the name of my very own child, and now that day has come!

“I think you should call it Lucy, cause you know its the name closest to your awesome big brother” We both gave him the look as if to say ‘no Luke, stop’

“We don’t have to decide now, we still have 4 months before this baby is due” I nodded, but i desperately wanted to figure out a name now, so i could tell all of the fans on twitter about EVERYTHING that has happened over the past 5 months, they know that Becki is pregnant but nothing else, and boy i can’t wait to tell them!

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