who is he?

Ana is a dancer Harry is in one direction an when they meet sparks fly



Ana p.o.v

today is the big day, today is the biggest show I have ever done, today is special, today one direction will be here I have met harry before but we spoke briefly I bet he doesn't remember me at all after all the fans he meets as you can tell I am a fan a really big fan I am obsessed and it isn't even funny my room...covered my clothes all 1D (or almost all of them)  I am dedicated and I could not even put into words how I felt when my instructor said girls we must work harder than we ever had for this performance the band one direction will be here lets just say me and my friend bailey died inside we are the only fans in our group which is amazing so we have been at rehersals all day and it is almost show time 1st we are dancing ballet then it gets a little more fast pace and at the very end me and bailey get to dance alone with a surprise I cant wait to see

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