What happens when a girl meets her favorite band? Does she feel like she is loved or left behind? Will she leave this situation unchanged?
Sorry for the fact that this is a 5sauce fanfic. Plus, the main character is not based on myself or my thoughts about the band. She is based on a character that I made up a while back! Thanks for reading and please read more!


1. Meeting Him

  I have been waiting for two years to go see the coolest Indie-Rock band in concert. As a sophomore, I wasn't able to go. But now, I am a senior. I can drive myself to the concert and back. I can go and not have parents with me. I can go to the after party and the club and everywhere else.

        I prepared my bag for the 2 hour road trip. I put 3 CDs in my bag, 2 books, and my makeup bag. I carried my wallet and phone in my pockets. My parents had no questions about where I was going. I had left the city jamming to my tunes.


        I got to the concert a half hour before it started. Posters hung everywhere. Every girl I saw was wearing a band shirt with His face on it. "Fangirls," I thought to myself as I stumbled past them. I went into the stadium and found my seat. Third row, not bad. I was pretty close to the stage. I just wanted to jump onto the stage, grab a mic, and belt a few notes, even though I can't sing. Then, the concert started.

        I guess He was able to hear me singing, so He pulled me onstage and handed me a microphone. He told me to sing my favorite song and that his band would join in. I started singing His song,"Good Girls," as His band joined in after the first stanza. I was able to hear most girls shout that I shouldn't be up there. The silhouettes of the people were amazing. There were so many people there. Teenagers to Young Adults. Mostly girls. I did see a few male faces on my way to the stage.

        After the concert was over, He took me backstage. The light and backstage crews were, ultimately, the coolest group of people. I introduced my self to the other band mates. Then, He took me to his dressing room.

 His dressing room composed of paintings and guitars. I glanced over to my left to see my reflection in the mirror. Why didn't anyone tell me my hair was shaggy? "So, What's your name?" He asked as He started towards the silver-grey love seat. I didn't know what to say. I could have said my name.

        "Jacksonian," I told him. I hope he doesn't ask me about how I got that name. Everyone always asks if I was named after that one museum. My mom did name me after the  museum, but only because she was going through labor at the Smithsonian. My dad wanted to name me Jackson, but my mom wanted to name me Sonia. They mashed the two together to get Jacksonian.

        "That's cool," he answered back,"I'm Luke, If you did't already know." I knew his name. I have known for two years. Lucas Robert Hemmings. I had a memory pop up of when I started a club about Him and his music. I was the coolest person for a time. But then, everybody left me. I don't mind being solitary now, but that might change. Time to try to make friends with Luke Hemmings.

        He gestured that I come sit by him. I mosied my way over to the love seat. As I sat down, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I felt a shock of energy running through my bones when his manager opened the door to yell at him for taking me with him. Apparently, taking a girl on and back stage is going to "ruin" the lives of the fans. I didn't care about the fan base, I just want to be Luke's girl. No one else's.

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