What happens when a girl meets her favorite band? Does she feel like she is loved or left behind? Will she leave this situation unchanged?
Sorry for the fact that this is a 5sauce fanfic. Plus, the main character is not based on myself or my thoughts about the band. She is based on a character that I made up a while back! Thanks for reading and please read more!


2. Are we Meant to Be?

Luke's manager was constantly out side the door, peeking in through the window. I guess she was trying to make sure we weren't snogging away. I would want to, only because he's famous and I'm a naive, little girl. I glanced over at the door to spy on the manager. She saw me looking at her and gave me a dirty look, like the look Coach would give me when I would miss a shot. I felt a sting of disapproval shoot through me as I looked away only to hear Luke say that I should just ignore her. His arm was still around my shoulders, my neck getting sweaty from the contact. We were able to hear shrieks of excitement coming from outside.

Luke decided that he wanted to get up from the love seat. I sat up slightly, looking at him with a confused expression. He turned around and winked at me. I then saw him exit the room, leaving me sitting alone on the loveseat.


I was sitting for five minutes when I saw a beautiful guitar sitting in the corner. I stood up and started walking toward the acoustic. I grasped the neck and pulled the strap around my neck and arm. I gently placed my fingers in the position to play an A chord. I strummed the guitar, beautiful ring of sound escaping from the strings.

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