That Day...

This is a fanfiction parody, true fans beware.
Stella Cinnamon is a girl in her sophomore year. She hasn't yet considered the intricacies of love or heartbreak. One day, the members of the popular boy band, One Direction, show up to attend her school. Her life was forever changed on that day…


2. The Proposition

    I walk out of the door and feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn to drop whoever the hell was touching me, but it turns out to be the curly haired guy.
    God. I think, He needs a haircut.
    He smiles at me. I give him a dirty look.
    “My name is Harry. Harry Styles.”
    “I know.” I say, creeped out.
    “Oh, are you a fan?” he raises his eyebrows.
    “No. You just introduced yourself at the beginning of class-”
    “You’re beautiful.” he interrupts me. 
    I look around, “Okay.” Suddenly scared for my virginity, I walk away. He starts to follow me when the blond one jumps out of nowhere and blocks my exit.
    “Hey.” he says in an Irish accent.
    “What the hell? Where are you guys coming from?” I turn around to see Harry disappear.
    “You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life.” He runs his hand down my arm, slowly, because to grab my attention. 
    “Ah, hell naw!” I scream as I kick him in the groin. 
    He goes down like a sack o’ patatas. 
    I then bolt away like a bat outta hell towards my second hour class. I am not gonna stick around to see who else was going to try to get into my designer cheetah print leggings with gold sparkles. They were on sale. I also got them from Diego. He told me they were Prada.
    I run into my second hour before I can be attacked again. Ginger is waiting for me by the window seat she’s so obsessed with. Giving everyone a dirty look, as always.

    The bell for lunch rings and I sat down in my usual spot next to Ginger and my friend Sam. Sam is the gay best friend every girl needs. But he is an idiot. Dumb as a brick wall. And he is the biggest One Direction fan I have ever met. I went to his house once and his walls didn’t have paint or wallpaper or anything like that. They were coated in One Direction posters.
    Of course, when I sit down, he is rambling on and on about that one member, Liam. He’s always been one hardcore Directioner, I honestly don’t know what he sees in them.
    “OH! MY! GOSH! This is my chance, guys!” he says.
    “What is your chance?” I ask.
    “I can finally fulfill my destiny by becoming part of the band.” he says, staring into oblivion with endless hope in his eyes.
    “Because I am a great singer.” he says.
    “No, your not.” Ginger snaps.
    Sam throws her a look.
    “What? Do you remember when you sang the national anthem at the fair? People left. They got in their cars and drove off. You didn’t even finish the third line before the horses started to go bezerk. A person died, Sam. They died, trampled to death by a horse.” Ginger says, calmly.
    “That was before. When I was completely tone deaf. I am different now.”
    “That was a month ago, though.” I say.
    “Whatever. Let him. It’s not like any of the guys in the band can sing anyway, either.” Ginger says.
    I take my lunchbox and pull out my sandwich and, realizing how hungry I am, start to pile it into my mouth before I realize that it was filled with peanut butter and jelly.
    Since my mother put way too much, as usual,  the jelly fell out of the back and fell over my shirt and pants. 
    “DAMNIT!” I scream.
    “Hey.” I turn to the empty seat next to me to find that it was now being filled with a sack of someone.
    It is the one with the darker skin.
    “Hello.” he smiles at me.
    “What do you want, now?” I scream at him.
    “I see past your bad girl routine. You’re just trying to find a way out. I understand how you feel.” He throws me a look with his puppy dog eyes. It makes me really uncomfortable.
    “Why the hell won’t any of you won’t leave me alone?” I say as I grab a handful of the jelly off my crotch and throw it on the table.
    I turn to Sam and see that he might be having a heart attack.
    “Oh my gosh! You’re Zayn!” Sam screams. Sam then starts to sing the National Anthem, randomly. “OH SAY CAN YOU SEE...!” 
    Ginger, realizing what is happening, grabs the jelly that was on the table and threw it in Sam’s mouth to shut him up. 
    “WE ARE NOT HAVING A REPEAT OF SUMMER OF 2014!” Ginger snapped again.
    “It’s someone’s time of the month!” Sam said, wiping the jelly off his mouth.
    I turn back to Zayn and see that he was still staring at me.
    “Run away with me,” he whispered.
    “I’m out!” I scream. 
    I get up from the table and run to the bathroom.
    My hands are still sticky from the jelly, so I run to the sink and pour soap into my palms. I look at myself in the mirror, and in the corner of my eyes, I see a stall open.
    Standing in the stall is Liam, another member of the boy band. I scream.
    “Hey.” He says, the toilet flushing behind him.
    “What the hell! This is the girls bathroom!” I scream, the sink filling with water.
    “I just had to see you. You have been avoiding me.” Liam says with a smolder on his face.
    “I don’t even know you!” I shout.
    “Not yet. But you will.” He slowly closes the bathroom stall, still inside.
    I run out of bathroom just as the bell rings. Great. Gym class.

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