You, again?

i met my best friend Ashton on a cafe. We met 2 month ago and we're already best friends.
''Okay. There's some thing i haven't told you.'' he said and i nodded. ''I'm in a band. Our name is 5 Seconds of summer.'' I looked at him and nodded. again. ''Who's is in the band?'' i finally asked. ''Calum hood, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings.'' Luke Hemmings? No, that can't be true. ''You're going to meet them later.'' My eyes were big by now.
Luke hemmings....


1. O N E

You again?

Anna’s POV:

I sat on starbucks, when a boy with beautiful curls and forrest green eyes came an sat next to me. ‘’Hello’’ he said with his accent. ‘’Hi’’ I said confused. Why did he want to talk to me?

‘’Why are you sitting here alone, drinking a Frappuccino?’’ He asked.
‘’To be honest I don’t really now. I just wanted a Frappuccino I think’’ I said looking at my almost finished my Frappuccino. ‘’Well okay. My name is Ashton Irwin and I’m from Australia’’

‘’well, hi Ashton Irwin from Australia. Im Anna and I from England, London.’’ He giggled. Then it turned in to a big smile. He had a cute smile.
I smiled back at him.

‘’So why did you come and say hello to me?’’ I asked curios.

‘’I don’t know. You looked like a fun girl and you’re also beautiful so yeah.’’

‘’Oh.’’ I blushed.



*End of flashback*
4 months later

‘’Ans’’ Ash said.

‘’ yeah Ash?’’

We do have beautiful nicknames. We know.

‘’We’re going on starbucks today.’’ Ashton said.

‘’omg yassss!’’ I cheered. ‘’I’m going to have a coffee today, I think.’’
‘’WHAT, NOT A FRAP?’’ He almost yelled.

‘’No ash, its winter and that means it’s cold’’ I smiled at him.

‘’ Maybe you’re right - but get your butt up and get ready Ans.’’

I got up from the couch and in to my room. Find some clothes. I found black skinny jeans, a shirt with check pattern, a grey beanie with a scars in the same colour.
My hair were just neutral blonde with little curls in it. I made a winged eyeliner and put on some mascara.

When I got out of my room Ash already was ready and had his jacket and shoes on.
I put on my new white nike shoes and my denim jacket. (Outfit in the end)

‘’Lets goooo ans.’’ Ashton sang and walked out of my door. I walked with him and locked my door. He had his car at my place so we just drove to starbucks in his car.

He turned on the radio and we sang along to the songs. We laughed at the people who looked wired at us. We didn’t really care about them. That’s one of the reasons why I love Ash, he’s doesn’t care.

We arrived to starbucks and Ash ordered our orders. ‘’2 coffee’s please’’ he said and paid.

I found a table and sat down. I took my phone up my phone and went on facebook. Nothing really crazy happened there, so I went on twitter instead. I had like thousands of followers. I were a fan of the boyband one direction, so I had a fan twitter were I did little imagines.

People asked me to make more all the time, so I made a new one. I my tweet I wrote ‘’Imagine being with you boyfriend Harry on starbucks and you share I drink.’’

I layed down my phone and noticed Ash got our drinks right in the moment.   

We drank our drinks and sat there for about 20 minutes when Ash said ‘’Okay. There’s something I haven’t told you.’’ He said and I nodded. ‘’im in a band. Our name is 5 seconds of summer.’’ I looked at him and nodded. Again. ‘’Who’s in the band?’’ I finally asked happy about it.

‘’Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Luke hemmings.’’
I was choked. Luke Hemmings? No, that can’t be true.

‘’You’re going to meet them later.’’ My eyes were big now.
Luke hemmings….

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