Planes: love hurts

Dust was doing the normal routines in piston peak......until someone mentions his past girlfriend.... He wanted the pain to stop but it hurts too much.... But when blade comforts him.... He learnt something new.


1. Love hurts...

Dusty was doing the usual normal thing in piston peak. He was putting out fires, helping blade ranger with the spray to put out the fire and talking to dipper. But one afternoon changed his life forever.

Maru: hey dusty over here,
Dusty: hey, Maru, Winnie, harvey, whats up,
Winnie: we were wondering about something.
Dusty: sure, whats up?
Harvey: well,...... Have you had any past relationships...?

Dusty could've sworn he felt his heart shatter into two.... He forgot all about his other girl...friend..
It's been 3 years since he saw her and his friends, but what made him sad is that she had to leave to Las Vegas for a concert and haven't seen her since..... He hopes he could forget her..... But the pain in his heart... Telling him otherwise.

Maru: dusty.... Hello earth to dusty, are you there? *whispers to Winnie and Harvey* I think he's there....

Dusty:*shakes his head* huh, oh yeah, I'm uh....fine., and to answer your question.....I did.... 
Harvey: well tell us what happened?
Winnie: yeah we would like to know.

Couldn't take it anymore, he flow out of the building despite hearing his friends call out to him.
Blade and wind lifter saw him and his distressed face and became concerned.

Blade: champ?..... What's wrong......
Dusty: uh... Nothing.....nothing at all.....I uh... Gotta get some air.... *flies off*

Blade: wonder whats with him...... Come to think of it..I saw him like this yesterday...
Wind lifter: who knows, maybe he is hiding something?...... Who knows.....
Blade: well, hiding something from us is not our style.... I'm gonna find him and ask why he is acting like this...
*flies off, leaving wind lifter by himself*

Wind lifter: good luck....

dusty sighed. He sure misses ishani, and wondered in his mind "I wonder what your doing now".
He wished he was there with ishani, smiling her angelic smile at him or, comforting him when he loses his races, or when she understands him... Like nobody else does...

Dusty:*sadly* I miss you ishani, and I remember the song you sang too. 

Suddenly he hears the music and starts to sing as it became familiar.

There, little bird, in the orange sky 
Over the silver peaks, so high 
Oh where do you wander? Where do you roam?
And when, will you, come home?
Oh when, will you, come home? 

*dusty remembers the times when she laughed and smiled at him,*

Oh little bird, where will, you fly?
Above the world, as time passes by?
Can't I come with you? Can't you just stay?
Or, doesn't work that way?
Or, doesn't work that way?

*dusty remembers her leaving the others to Las Vegas for the concert as he cried for her*

Oh little bird, you're far away.
Perhaps somewhere's night, or else, its day
So I shall stay here, and I shall not mourn 
And hope for the day, you'll return. 
And hope for the day you'll return. 

Dusty sighed, he wished the pain would stop.

?: nice song you sang, there, champ.

Dusty gasped and saw blade watching him from the sky before he flew down beside him.

Blade: so....whats been bothering you..?
Dusty: *sighed sadly* it's ishani, she was my first crush.. The one that finally understands me besides my friends,
Ever since she left a part of me is missing.... I can't forget her, no matter how much I tried. I just... *cries*

Blade: *sighs* I know that feeling all too well. When I lost nick, I thought my life was over too but what made me happy is when he told me to never give up, always focus on my goals, to understand that sometimes life isn't fair.
Champ, remember what I told you at the mines, "life doesn't go the way you expect it", who knows maybe you will see her again, maybe not now or tomorrow but when that day comes, she will be there right by your side, *chuckles* heh, listen to me rambling on, I might as well be forever huh.,?

Dusty: *laughs* yeah... Maybe... But listen, thank you for helping me out, your right after all, maybe she will come back to me, oh I owe you one.

Blade laughs. It's good to have the happy dusty back, 

Blade: that's two you owe me. 
Dusty: what do you mean by that? 
Blade: *laughs* oh you
L find out someday... *about to take off but looked at dusty while smiling admiringly* oh and one more thing.....
Good move partner... *he flew off back to piston peak*

Dusty laughed and stared at the sky. Maybe blade was right... Maybe he will see ishani again someday...
Because you never know when love arrives.....

Meanwhile, at Las Vegas,a plane was looking at the window... It was ishani,

Ishani: someday my dusty.... Someday......

The end.....

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