Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


6. 6

I woke up later, Michael was still sleeping. I got up and went back to my house. I showered and got changed.


No one was home. My mom and aunt were out shopping. So, I left the house and just started walking around. I went to this tiny cafe and got a cup of coffee and sat there for a while. Then some girl comes in and sits next to me.


"Hey, I'm Nicole."


"Hi, I'm Alice. I just moved here from New York."


"Wow. All the way from New York?"


"Yeah, my house burned down so I had to move."


"Oh, I'm sorry. Do you want me to show you around town?"


"Yeah, that'd be nice!"


We left the cafe and started walking. She told me about Australia. It was so different here.


As we were walking, we saw this tall, blonde guy. He was gorgeous. Nicole walked over to him, "Hey, Luke!"


"Hey, Nicole. Who's this?"


"This is my new friend, Alice."


"Hey, Alice. I'm Luke."




He started walking with us. "So what are you guys up to?" Luke asked.


"Nothing really. Alice, do you wanna come over my house?" Nicole asked.


"Yeah, sure." I replied.


"Luke do you want to come too?"


"Yeah, I guess I have nothing else to do." Said Luke.


We walked to Nicole's house, which was like a mile away. It was this huge house, and it was really nice.


We walked in and and sat on the couch. Luke suggested we ordered pizza.


"Nicole, can I invite Michael over?"


"Sure, the more the merrier!"


30 minutes later, there was a knock on the door.


Nicole ran to the door and opened it. Michael walked in.


His eyes went straight to me. "Alice?"


"Hey, Michael." I smiled.


"So you two already know each other? How?" Nicole asked.


"Alice is my new neighbor."


"You mean your new girlfriend?" Luke said.


Michael pushed him on the floor. "Shut up, Luke."


I blushed.


The pizza came 15 minutes later. We ordered 4 pies and decided we would have a pizza eating contest. Michael won. He had 9 slices. Luke had 7. Nicole had 4 and I had 3.


"I know you can eat more than 3!" Michael said to me. We all laughed. We were all so full. I felt like puking.


We all laid on the floor and decided we would watch Netflix. Luke wanted to watch "How I Met Your Mother." We all agreed. We watched it for about 4 hours, not really paying attention. We pretty much just sat there talking.


It was so weird that back in New York I had no friends. But here in Australia, I was only here for two days and I already had three good friends!


It was getting late. 8 PM.


Michael stood up. "I think I'm gonna go now. Alice, do you want me to walk you home?"


"Yeah, that sounds good." I stood up after him. I thanked Nicole and said goodbye to her and Luke. Michael and I walked out.


I had no idea at all where we were. No clue how to get home. I was really tired, and I just wanted to get home. Michael said we would take the quickest way home. But, he picked the longest way possible and got "lost" along the way. I guess I didn't really mind. Now I just wanted to spend the most time possible with him.



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