Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


3. 3

Ten minutes later, Michael comes out.


"So, where would you like to go?"


"Um, I really don't know."


He smiled and came over to me, grabbed my hand,


"I know somewhere. Let's go!"


We started walking down the street together and he was asking me questions. He seemed really interested in me.


I stopped walking and looked at him.


"Where are we going?"


"I can't tell you, it's a surprise!"


"I don't even know you and now you're bringing me somewhere and you won't tell me where. Just please tell me."


"Alice, just please trust me."


Okay. Whatever. 20 minutes later we are still walking. He turns to me and says,


"We're here!" About time.


He brought me to some beach with the clearest water and whitest sand you've ever seen. There were millions of stars and they were brighter than I've ever seen.


I looked over at him.


"So, do you like it?"

He had the biggest smile on.


"Yes, I love it here!"


He smiled and started walking again. I just stood there staring at the stars.

They are amazing.


"You coming?" He asked.


"Of course." I laughed and ran after him.


He ran away from me. I couldn't catch up, because he was a lot faster than me. He went and hid somewhere, I had no idea where. Then he popped out of this cave on the beach and said, "Come on!"


I sat down next to him. There was a huge gap between us. I couldn't help but think how attractive he was. He moved closer to me, so that gap was gone.


I already like him so much. And I've only known him for an hour.


"Do you like it here?" He asked


"Yeah. Even though I've only been here for a few hours, and all I've really seen is this beach. Yeah."


"I'd like to show you more places tomorrow. If that's okay with you?"


"Yeah, that'll be great!"


He asked about why I moved here, and what it's like in New York City. We sat there for at least an hour just talking.


It was weird. I was usually so awkward around new people. But with Michael, I felt like I've been best friends with him for years.


It went silent for a minute. He came in really close to me and whispered something into my ear.



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