Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


29. 27

I went home, my kitten sitting next to me on my bed. I wondered if he was anyone's kitten. Maybe he had gone missing, and his mum was searching for him. I ignored the thoughts and the tiny kitten curled up next time me.

Alice didn't know, but her lover was staring at her from a window away. He watched her cuddle up to the little cat, a goofy smile appearing on his face. He was so thankful for her.

He fell back into a mess of white sheets, burying his face into a plaid blanket.

I peeked through me window and into Michael's, admiring his messy green hair. I could tell something was wrong.

Soon enough, he got up. He whipped off his tear stained shirt and wiped the tears away from his wet face.

He looked beautiful. A sad kind of beautiful. And I could only ask myself what was wrong.

I didn't want to make it like I was watching him, so I walked over to his front door.

I rang the doorbell at 10 PM. No answer.

I waited. I sat on his front porch step just waiting. I rang again, and again with no answer before marching back up to my room.

I unlocked my window and pushed it open. Banging on his window, with a broomstick I had in my room.

I could barely see him. His green hair peaking out from behind his black curtain. He jerked his head around at the hostile sound. He looked me in the eye, with a sad smile on his face, wiping the tears he couldn't hold in.

He stood up, wearing only blue, blood stained boxers and a pair of black socks. He pushed open his window and held out a hand for me.


"Just, please." So much pain in his voice that I could feel it.

I grabbed his hand, looking at the ground, twenty two feet down.

"I could just walk around, you know?"

He shook his head, making me stretch four feet across to his window.

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