Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


26. 26

We left Luke's room and went downstairs. "You guys staying?" He asked. "I don't think so." Michael said. I wanted to stay but I guess Michael didn't. I hugged Luke goodbye and so did Michael. Then we left and started to walk home. As we were walking, Michael suddenly froze. "Michael, what are you-" "SHH. Be quiet." "Alright." I whispered. He walked towards a small bush in the front of someone's house. "Michael, what are you doing?" He ignored me and bent over, pulling a tiny kitten out from under the bush. He smiled. "Hey little guy." My jaw dropped, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. It was only a baby, and all alone, so we figured we should take him home. He was fluffy, gray and had bright blue eyes. "For you." Michael said, handing me the kitten.

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