Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


23. 23

I don't know what to do with myself. I'm crying and I can't take being away from him. I wanted to answer his texts, but I couldn't talk to him. How could he cheat on me? I collapsed onto my floor. I reached under my bed and pulled out a small bag I used to use. I searched it with my hand for a blade I kept in it. I found it and pulled it out. From the corner of my eye, I could see Michael watching from his window. He was crouched on the ground, trying to hide. I sobbed even harder, and put the blade against my wrist. I lightly ran it over my arm. Then pressed down and pulled it across my skin, leaving a straight, red line. The blood poured out. I put the blade up to my wrist again and cut again. This time Michael screamed to me. "STOP!" But I didn't want to. I continued. Minutes later he burst through my bedroom door. He ran over to me, crying, and hugged me. I pushed him off of me and locked myself in the bathroom. I didn't want to deal with him.

He sat outside my bathroom, continuously knocking on the door. "Alice. Please. I love you." He would whisper. I wanted to believe him, but how could I? Or maybe Calum was lying. I didn't know who to believe. I needed to see Luke.

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